Biotin 5000

Biotin Hair Growth - Is It Effective In Growing Hair?
Researching biotin hair growth supplements lead me to a lot of conflicting information, and I wanted to share my findings to help people cut down on the time it takes to investigate hair regrowth treatments. I am in a unique situation as my wife and I both suffer from hair loss, so I was doing double duty while looking for answers. I was able to find a solution that worked for both my wife and I that enabled us to grow our hair back significantly. Below I will outline the research that led to our success.

Biotin Hair Products Research

Biotin supplementation is a key component in stopping hair loss and stimulating hair growth. Biotin is known as vitamin B7 and is essential in assisting the body to be able to grow hair and helps promote healthy skin and nails also. This is important because dermatitis ahs been linked to hair loss. You can get Biotin naturally in foods like walnuts and eggs, but it is difficult to consume enough of these types of food to be effective. So supplementation is required for people who are experiencing hair loss. This is true for both men and women.

Vitamin B7 shows no major side effects if taken at the recommended dosages. Studies of people who were given large doses of Biotin showed no real side effects either, and is a fairly safe supplement for most people. This supplement has been effective in lowering blood sugar in diabetics and helping in weight loss as well.

After sifting through a mountain of information I came to trus the information above as being accurate. Based on these findings my wife and I began taking 5000 mcg of Biotin daily. Both of us had fairly good results with this supplement. Our hair loss seemed to be slowing and I began to see some growth on the top of my head. At this point I began researching again to see if there were other ways to get better results.

Minoxidil and Biotin Hair Growth

I discovered that a combination of Minoxidil and biotin would greatly enhance hair growth. Minoxidil is the FDA approved hair regrowth that most of us have heard about in the product Rogaine.

Minoxidil was originally created as a high blood pressure treatment that showed an astonishing side effect of stopping hair loss and in some cases hair regrowth. This launched a multi billion dollar hair loss treatment by the Upjohn corporation in the mid nineties.

Side effects are rare and mild when they occur and usually involve and itchy and sensitive scalp in the areas where applied. Typically men will get a solution of 5% Menoxidil and women 2%.

My wife and I began the Rogaine Program and continued our regimen of Biotin supplementation. Our results were even better this time. We both had stopped our hair loss and began to regrow hair. My wife had less improvement than I did, and we were still dissatisfied with the results. Don't get me wrong we were glad to have improvement, but after months of treatment we felt we would never get the hair back that we were hoping for.

The Provillus Program Finally Gave Us Tremendous Results

I went back to my research and started looking for other solutions. My breakthrough came not from the computer though, but from my friend Joe Gammand. I was talking to him about our problem and he suggested a program called Provillus which had worked miracles for his wife Anne. I went back to the computer and learned about this system The thing that really caught my attention was that the program included the benefits of Biotin hair growth and other supplements that aided in regrowing hair. It was also apparent that the programs for men and women were very different from each other and had proven great results, especially in women.

Provillus offers a 60 Day Free Trial , so I signed up and we began trying the program. Within the 60 days my hair started to grow much more rapidly than with Rogaine, and my wife was actually showing beter results! We have continued with the program and have both grown back substantial amounts of hair. We look younger now by far and get compliments regularly

Frequently Asked Questions

    If I take Biotin 5000 mcg How Long Will My Hair Grow Per Month?
    My hair usually grows 1/2 inch per month, and if I started taking Biotin 5000 mcg daily, how much inches will it grow per month?

    • ANSWER:
      umm. My hair is a crop cut right now its cute but i miss my long hair. im taking Biotin 1000 and its REALLY growing! 5000? hmm almost 2 to three inches a month :)

    is it bad to intake biotin 5000 mcg a day if you are 16 years old?
    so i am 16 and i am going to start taking biotin because my hair is getting very weird, ive been losing hair, it doesnt grow like at all, and im starting to get gray hair too... :(

    so is it bad to take 5000 mcg per day if you are my age?
    or should i take less?

    • ANSWER:
      I'm 16 and I take that much per day.

    is it bad to take biotin 5000 mcg per day if you are 16 years old?
    so i am 16 and i am going to start taking biotin because my hair is getting very weird, ive been losing hair, it doesnt grow like at all, and im starting to get gray hair too... :(

    so is it bad to take 5000 mcg per day if you are my age?
    or should i take less?

    • ANSWER:

    what is the difference between biotin 5000 and super potency biotin 5000?
    is it ok to take this dosage of biotin daily?
    I have the super potency biotin 5000 and I would like to take odorless garlic supplements together
    would that be ok?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes thats okay. I take 5000 mcg of biotin per day too. I do not take garlic though but I'm sure it's okay to take that also.

      And, just to let you know, you will get a lot more answers if you post this question in the "alternative medicine" section, which is under the "health" section.

      Hope i helped!

    I just bought biotin 5000 mcg, how many pills should I take a day?
    I have the Nature's Bounty biotin. I was wondering if I could take two a day, or if I should just take one.

    • ANSWER:
      you will only need to take just one but if you take two i don't think anything will happen because your body will just get rid of what you don't need when you urinate. I also have started biotin 5000 mcg last week and i've been taking one everyday with alot of water.

    How many times should I take biotin 5000 mg?
    Im 13 years old and im trying to grow my hair out. I wanna know when I should take it. I don't want to overdose.

    • ANSWER:
      Read what the dosage says on the back of the bottle. My advice: take one per day.

    I just started using Biotin 5000 MCG and want to know when I will start showing signs that it is working?

    • ANSWER:
      I just started taking it too it hasn't done much yet but Im if you wanna keep in contact and I will give you updates :)

    How long does 5000 mcgs of biotin twice a day to see results?
    I am taking biotin 2 times a day, each with 5000 mcgs so a total of 10000 mcgs. I just wanted to know how long it takes to see results in hair growth?

    • ANSWER:
      Biotin can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to kick in, so it's hard to say.
      But with that much, you should see results within 4-6 weeks.

    I was wondering about Biotin 5000 mg B extract?
    I have a condition and using medication, and the effects has caused my hair to become dry and I have been noticing my hair becoming thinner than normal. Are there good benefits of Biotin and what are the side effects if there is any?

    • ANSWER:
      The unfortunate answer is "maybe"... it depends on why your hair is getting dry and thinner. What I mean is that Biotin is one of a few nutrients that your body uses as a basic building material to create new hair cells (as well as skin and nails)... if the thinning hair isn't from a deficiency of Biotin, then it may not help remove the side effect from the medication.

      I like mental pictures so I see this as like people building houses... if they don't have enough of the right supplies, the houses may be built poorly (eg. missing bricks, boards, or mortar will make for weak walls). In this example, the houses would be like hair cells and the materials would be some of those base nutrients (Biotin, Silica, L-Cysteine, etc)... taking more Biotin would be like sending an extra truckload of one of the supplies. For many people, taking Biotin, Silica, or some of the other hair nutrients can help to build the hair stronger, faster, or thicker (depending on their deficiency level and what that deficiency was doing to their hair).
      If a medication is causing damage to your hair cells, that would be like a tornado ripping up those houses... giving more supplies won't do much to build those houses up if the tornado is ripping them up faster than they can be built. In other words, stopping the medication may be the only way to completely stop your hair from being damaged... the Biotin may slow it down, but probably wouldn't be enough to completely stop it.
      You can talk to your prescribing doctor about finding alternatives if you don't like the side effects, too. Good luck and I hope I helped!

    Should I take Biotin 5000 MCG every other day or every day?
    If I take it everyday it may be a little too much, don't you think? Or is 5000 mcg okay.

    • ANSWER:

    how much will my hair grow when i take 5000 mcg of biotin everyday?
    im planning on taking 5000 mcg of biotin everday for the next 24 days. how much will my hair grow at the end of the 24 days?

    • ANSWER:

    How fast does 5000 mcg of Biotin grow hair?
    How fast does 5000 mcg of Biotin grow hair?

    • ANSWER:
      Well hair grow half an inch each month on its own. But what I would suggest it try using Mane N' Tail Horse Shampoo and Conditioner. I use it all the timeand it does aid in growing your hair faster. I'd
      say massage it into your scalp so it can get to your roots well this increases the blood flow helping
      it grow faster. When shampooing and conditioning you should use cold or luke warm water on your hair so it won't damage it. Even hot water hurts your hair.You can find it at walmart in the pet section.
      You should drink plenty of water to help condition your hair.

      Eating Coconut oil also has benifits its not only good for adding nutrients to the hair, but its also
      good for weight loss and has many more benifits.
      And don't forget about exercising, as much as I hate it, it actually helps by increasing the blood flow
      and stimulating the hair to grow faster.

      Hope I helped!

      Btw if your looking for a cute hairstyle to try out without heat try this:

    How fast will my hair grow while taking a biotin supplement? 5000 mcg a day?
    I also have acne and i want to know if it will make my acne worse? and how much my hair will grow per month if i take one pill per day? Thanks! :) )
    p.s i am trying to get my hair to grow a lot and i just took my first biotin pill today. I take one everyday...

    • ANSWER:
      well it doesnt matter how much it is.. only a 1000 would have worked becuase your body only uses what it needs at the moment and wastes the rest. and its not going to be super dramatic its not gonna like grow an inch in two weeks.. in a month itll prolly grow a full inch... but im sorry its not a super pill.. i was so excited to try it my self and was sorta disapointed it didnt work as well as i thought..

      and dont get me wrong it does work.. like it helps your nails and skin too but its not a magic pill..

      but just keep using it and its not like it is going to hurt anything

    Where can i buy biotin 5000 mcg?
    I want to buy biotin 5000 mcg but I don't know where to buy it and at a cheap price. Anyone know?

    • ANSWER:
      At Walgreens they have it for ,49 for 60 capsules
      Nature's Bounty Super Potency Biotin 5000 mcg, Capsules

    I just got Biotin 5000, and i was wondering how long it takes to notice a difference in my hair?
    Im 18 and i damaged my hair by brushing it too hard so it thinned a little

    • ANSWER:
      Oh you poor thing. Make sure you wear a hair net each night and have a good conditioner.

      After 3 months of Biotin you should have your Justin Beiber quiff looking as good as the man himself.

    can i take 5000 mg of biotin and a multivitamin?
    are there any risks to this? im 13 and i take 5000 mg of biotin each day, and my mom wants me to take a multivitamin too to be healthy. is take biotin and a vitamin too much?

    • ANSWER:
      The amount of biotin in a multivitamin is very small and would only be a small fraction of 5,000 mg so even if it is as much as 50 mg or even 500 mg this would only make your total biotin intake per day 5,050 mg or 5,500 mg which is not much more or significantly more than 5,000 mg so you can take both together.

    Can I take two 5000 mcg biotin pills a day instead of one?
    it says that one is the suggested amount, and i've heard of people taking more. will it have a greater effect if i take two? will something bad happen if i take two a day? i'm trying to grow my hair, and a lot of people have said biotin works for that. i'm not expecting anything overnight obviously, but if i take 2, will my hair grow longer faster?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes. It hasn't been proven that two will make it grow longer faster, but I have taken as much as three a day and saw improvements. Nothing bad will happen as your system will just emit out any extra vitamin that your body doesn't absorb. Go ahead and do it, you'll be fine.

    Could biotin 5000 everyday for 3 month make your hair grow?
    i have been taking biotin for a month now
    summer vacation is 3 months
    if i keep this up during the summer
    will my hair growth 2 inchs or more
    im black and haven't got a perm in 3 months
    because i am going natural

    • ANSWER:
      That would depend on your deficiency (if any) of biotin in your body and how well the intake of Biotin is being absorbed. Remember that if your taking medications or OTC medications you need to wait at least 2 hours before taking the vitamin or it will not be absorbed.

      I take Biotin tablets that carry 5000ug (5mg) from Nature's Bounty. They even sell them in capsules that are easier to swallow. Getting 5,000ug per day equals 1,667% of daily value so that's a LOT. I've been taking biotin for a couple of months and my hair grows pretty fast and healthy BUT not strong as I wanted so keep in mind that you will have to cut one inch of hair every two months if you want to keep the hair strong.

      To be honest, I saw results by the second month and after that my hair grows one inch per month. Some people may say that Biotin doesn't make the hair grow but I disagree since Biotin is necessary for cell growth. Good Luck!

    Is 5000 mcg of Biotin to much for a 17 year old girl?
    I want to have longer hair, thought Biotin might help.
    Is there a such thing as a vitamin overdose, cuz I dont want it to happen to me.
    Would 1000 mcg of Biotin be ok?

    • ANSWER:
      I've taken 5000 mcgs of biotin and was okay! I think biotin works great if you want your hair to grow. It's a vitamin for hair, skin, and nails. It made my hair healthier, which made it grow! Also, dont use heat products i.e. hair dryer/straightener. Let your hair air dry if you can!

    Is it safe for me to take 2 biotin pills of 5000 mcg a day?
    I want to take 2 a day because I think that will make my hair grow even faster, but I dont know if it is safe for me??? Ur opinions?

    • ANSWER:
      I actually came on here to ask a question about Biotin, and your question appeared on the Y/A homepage, haha.

      I just started taking Biotin today. 5000mcg is enough... don't bother taking more than that, because your body will excrete what you don't use... essentially making it a waste if you take too much.

      However, there is no way to overdose on Biotin... so yes, it is "safe", but pointless. 5000mcg is more than enough. In the meantime, give your hair hot oil treatments to keep it healthy so that it doesn't break while you are growing it out. Good luck!

    How long will it take my hair to grow 12 inches while taking 5000 mcg biotin?

    • ANSWER:

    Any advice on taking 5000 mg biotin for hair growth?
    Does this have to be balanced with any other supplements/minerals? I read it needs to be balanced/counteracted with something else to avoid bad skin reaction (acne). I've also read that you should drink lots of water to eliminate the excess that your body doesn't absorb that can cause breakouts if not removed from your body. And you shouldn't take it at night because it can keep you awake. Any advice on how to take it? TIA.

    • ANSWER:
      I'd suggest you take biotin with the other essential B vitimans
      (b12, b6, etc.) Also, you sould definately take it with water, but be careful 5000 is pretty high and you don't want to risk getting breakouts so I'd say start low and then make your way up to
      5000, to see how you react to it. I'm currently taking 2,000 and making my way up, and I take it everyday at dinnertime. So, it's not too much to stress about. Hope this helps :-)

    For women taking Spring Valley Biotin 5000 mcg once a day, how much does your hair grow each month?

    • ANSWER:
      For me mines been growing an inch each month (Thank Hth

    is taking biotin 5000 okay for 16 year olds?
    i want to take biotin for my hair but im not sure if its healthy for me im only 16 years old.

    • ANSWER:
      I think it should be 14 i am goiong to start taking some also...but yea it shouldnt do anything wrong :-)

    What are the benefits of taking 5000 mcgs of biotin each day?
    When will I start to notice a difference in my hair and nails?

    • ANSWER:
      there is no clinical study that has been done to show or prove that taking biotin over 1000mcg a day is needed, maybe except in rare cases, there is also no good studies done to prove that biotin helps in hair growth, if u are confirmed to be deficient then maybe 5mg is ok, therefore if u are not deficient, no need to take mega doses

    i take biotin pills 5000 mcgs and prenatals as well?
    And also I take vitamin e and vitamin b . I was wondering the benefits of all of this ?
    Really? And who told you that because my doctor said to keep taking prenatals whenever I want to because I did have a baby a year ago and even if I didn't I still can take prenatal vitamins any girl can ! Pregnant or not !! Ask your doctor and you'll find out :) also biotin and prenatals are perfectly safe together doctor also said !

    • ANSWER:

    is it okay for me to take biotin 5000 mcg if i'm only 15?
    i bought it today because i have heard people say its good for your skin, hair, and nails.

    • ANSWER:

    What type of gelatin is in GNC Biotin 5000?
    Is it fish gelatin, beef gelatin, pork gelatin??? which 1??? All help is extremely appreciated!!!
    Is it fish gelatin, beef gelatin, pork gelatin??? which 1??? I don't care if it's fish or beef gelatin but i do not want to consume pork gelatin at all!!! All help is extremely appreciated!!!

    • ANSWER:
      Write to the company and ask. Go to the GNC website, send an email and just ask them.

      If it were vegetarian or vegan, such would be listed on the label. If it isn't there, then safe to say that it more than likely isn't. But to be certain, ask the company.

    Ive been taking 5000 mcg. biotin for a week now, how long does it take to see results?
    Its supposably to help keep hair healthy.nails,and skin.

    • ANSWER:
      I have been taking biotin for nearly 1 month and am seeing results already. At the end of November (1 month ago) I got my dorm mate to straighten my hair and she damaged it. I started taking biotin a few weeks after and my hair has grown a little over an inch and that's when it's curly. I take 3,000 mcgs. I'll increase it to 5,000 next week.

    Has anyone tried Rexall Biotin 5000 mcg?
    I'm trying to repair my damaged hair, so I decided to buy Rexall Biotin for skin/hair/nail support two days ago. Since this is my first time using Biotin, I've tried to find reviews on this product, but didn't have any luck. I was wondering has anyone tried it, and did it work? Also, if anyone is or has taken any type of 5000mcg biotin supplements, how are the results and side effects? Is it too strong of a dose for an 18 year old girl?

    • ANSWER:
      i heard that you will see improvement after a few months
      but i have been taking it for about a years and haven't seen anything

    does biotin 5000 vitamins help your hair grow?
    and if they it alll of your hair >.< or just your head hair. lol

    • ANSWER:
      The biotin will promote hair growth but don't overdose on it because the body will only take in the biotin it needs then flush the rest out.

    Biotin 5000 mcg? Help please?
    I just started taking biotin 5000 mcg today. I'll be taking 2 a day. I wanted to know ur personal experience with biotin! How long will my hair grow in about a month? Help please

    • ANSWER:

    biotin 5000 side effects?
    i bought biotin 5000 because i want my hair to grow faster.. it says that you just have to take one daily and im taking 4 because i really want my hair long :( but i don't know if that is bad for my health or something. any opinions?? :)

    • ANSWER:
      I take two 7500 mg a day and i have noticed a big difference in my hair growth.

    biotin 5000 or msm for hair growth?
    Hi, I'm 20 year old male, and I have naturally thin hair. On top of that, I'm thinning on the top. I heard biotin 5000 and msm are good for skin and hair. Which would you prefer? And also, if they promote healthy skin and hair growth, would they promote body hair as well? because i dont want any more body hair lol..

    • ANSWER:
      hmmm.. ive heard good/bad reviews on the biotin. some swear by it while others classify it as garbage. it really depends on how your body will take it.

    Allergic reaction to biotin 5000 mcgs?
    Well I took this pill thinking it would grow my hair but all it did was give me a allergic reaction. I wanted to know if thats possible cause biotin is something are body intake everyday anyway. So I wouldn't be able to eat half of the foods out there cause it has biotin in it. So is it possible to be allergic to biotin supplement. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      High dosage of biotin caused you some allergies. But it is better to consult with your Doctor to confirm that it has caused you allergies. At least you will know that biotin caused you allergic reactions and refrain from eating those biotin-containing products.

    biotin 5000 mcg vitamins for faster hair growth?
    I have slow hair growth, slower than normal. I want to know is it healthy. Will they work. Have you taken them... share your experience! I just want a faster speed hair growth then the slower then normal growth that I currently have

    • ANSWER:
      idk if u shud use that cause u might get hair in the wrong places. u should go to a salon and ask questions or go to a doctor and see if there is a special medication for slow hair growth.

    Biotin 5000 mcg??? Need help....?
    So I have been reading alot of blogs and reviews watching YouTube videos on biotin 5000 mcg vitamins. I heard they are really good for making your hair grow both thicker and longer. Is this true or not and if not what other supplements can I use to improve my hair skin and nails??

    • ANSWER:
      I just started taking these too, about a week or so ago because I cut my hair waaay too short. I miss my long hair! I haven't been taking them long enough to see a difference yet. But I was recommended them by my mom, & she has thick beautiful hair now. Hers used to be thin and kinda brittle. So yes, I would say try them. Can't hurt!

    BIOTIN 5000 MCG SAFE?!?
    I just ordered a tub of 5000 mcg biotin tablets to make my hair grow! its grown half an inch in over a year and isnt in too bad condition so im desperate for it to grow and every review iv read has been good for biotin. However everyone said you need to take a high dosage to see effects... however im worried if i take 5000 mcg i may have a break out or bad side effects!
    SOOOOOOO, should i start with 1000 mcg or 500 mcg then build it up and in a month move onto 5000 mcg when my body is used to it?
    Also IF i started on 5000 mcg, how quick will i see results? thankyou :)

    • ANSWER:
      biotin is a water soluble vitamin, anything your body doesn't use will come out in your urine

    Biotin 5000 mcg or Prenatal vitamins??hair growth?
    hey, im tryna get my hair to grow within the next 2 months becuz im planning on straightening my hair for graduation which is also in 2 months. i have braids and im african american, i dont know how long my natural hair is but im guessing like maybe on my neck tryin to reach my shoulder. i want it to grow like down a lil pass my shoulders.
    so ive been taking biotin 1000 mcg but i ran out today so 2morrow im gunna go get some more supplements but should i take the prenatal vitamins or the biotin 5000 mcg??people tell me to take prenatal but im not pregnant.and other people say to take biotin 5000 mcg but i heard it breaks u out badly. so which ones should i take in order to get my hair atleast to my shoulders within 2 months.

    i already massage my scalp like 3 timez day.

    • ANSWER:
      get the biotin and msm powder. mix the msm powder (500-1000mcg) with some water and rub it on your face at night (don't wash it off). this will take care of the break outs. you can take 5-10 mg of the biotin and like 3-5 g of msm. you should take the msm earlier in the day and the biotin throughout the day with most of it being taken at night. and you should drink a lot of water with these. don't take the same amount every day. try to mix it up a little. and drinking more orange juice (more vit c) will also help. if you don't do these things, you can get bad dreams and acne. another thing i've used is boundless tresses, but if you use that you have to wash your hair more often. the smell is annoying. i think the most growth you can get is maybe 4 inches, but that's if your lucky. more likely to get about 2 inches.

    Is using Biotin 5000 mcg too much for just my hair?
    I'm 18 years old, male, and the top of my head(scalp) seems to be losing a lot of hair everyday. The front, side, and back of my head is full of hair, and someone told me that after i wash my hair i should break open a biotin cap and spread the insides on top of my head, and since it was my first time buying biotin i didn't look close enough to notice that there's different mcgs until i got home.

    Is using 5000 mcg too much for just my head?


    • ANSWER:
      5000 mcg = 5mg.

      I am currently taking 5000 mcg's of biotin for hair growth right now. I use to take 1000mcgs 3xs a day, but then upped my intake. These capsules are SMALL! They're smaller than the ones that contained 1000mcgs! I was shocked.

      I don't know, it actually might not be enoughh .

    Loosing Hair.....Started using Biotin 5000 mcg?

    I am a female age 31 years. I used to have some what thick hair when I was in my early twenties. But after my delivery I was loosing my hair a lot. Recenly my hair fall was very bad. In some parts of my head I can see the scalp (white area). I am very much scared and loosing interest in every thing.

    So I researched in the internet and found 'massaging scalp', 'steaming hair' and 'using biotin' will help preventing hair loss and at the same time help growing new hair.

    I started using Vatika Hair Oil for scalp massaging. I also ordered 'Countertop Hair Steamer' in the Internet (I am waiting for the shipment). Yesterday I bought Nature's Bount Biotin 5000 mcg capsules and stared using them.

    My question is has any one used Bioin before and found any benefits from using it??

    Please respond to this question. I'll appreciate you answer.
    By the way I have Thyroid Problem and I am taking medication. My Thyroid levels are normal with the medication.
    I also consulted dermatologist. He tested my scalp and said every thing is normal.
    So after gone throught all these things only I started researching in the internet.

    Thanks for you response.

    • ANSWER:
      Fact: there are no commercial products that prevent hair loss. All the products you see either use gibberish mumbo suedo science which have no real meaning to convince vulnerable (sorry) people to buy them.
      Visit your doctor first off. They will be able to give you a rational explanation for your hair loss and suggest ways to reduce the loss. One major factor is stress which leads to alapesha (spelling?). But it.s up to you if you want to throw your money away on a glorified upholstsy cleaner and stuff.

    Loosing Hair.....Started using Biotin 5000 mcg?

    I am a female age 31 years. I used to have some what thick hair when I was in my early twenties. But after my delivery I was loosing my hair a lot. Recenly my hair fall was very bad. In some parts of my head I can see the scalp (white area). I am very much scared and loosing interest in every thing.

    So I researched in the internet and found 'massaging scalp', 'steaming hair' and 'using biotin' will help preventing hair loss and at the same time help growing new hair.

    I started using Vatika Hair Oil for scalp massaging. I also ordered 'Countertop Hair Steamer' in the Internet (I am waiting for the shipment). Yesterday I bought Nature's Bount Biotin 5000 mcg capsules and stared using them.

    My question is has any one used Bioin before and found any benefits from using it??

    Please respond to this question. I'll appreciate you answer

    • ANSWER:
      My hair was breaking off pretty bad, and my edges were balding. My hair was just looking so thin. I started using Biotin for a month and my hair is thicker and healthier. SO I SAY 'YES"... it does help.. I wasn't even using 5000 but i just bought the 5000 today since the lower potency worked so well. Take them daily with food and water, and be patient.

    how fast will my hair grow if i take biotin 5000 mcg everyday???

    • ANSWER:
      I take biotin. I am not sure if my hair grows faster, but it falls off less and I think it is stronger. It is also good for nails and skin. I think it really makes a difference to avoid loosing too much hair.

    Is 5000 mcg Biotin to much for a 14 year old girl if I take one per day?

    • ANSWER:
      I take about 5000 per day, I haven't experienced any side effects from it. You should be fine. The only thing I hear is that it makes some people break out, but luckily I haven't gone through that.

    Does Biotin 5000 mg really work?
    I hear it works great for growing you're hair and nails, but I also read that, if you stop taking it, you're hair will fall out.Someone please clear this up for me, cause I don't want to start taking it and then stop and my hair fall out!

    • ANSWER:
      No, it will not make your hair fall out when you stop taking it as long as it wasn't falling out beforehand (as AtLarge said). The reason for this is that Biotin isn't a drug that you could have withdrawals or anything from... it's a nutrient that's required for daily health and is one of the base nutrient (along with Silica and others) that your body uses to create healthy hair, skin, and nail cells. Also, for what it's worth, it should be 5,000 mcg (which is 5 mg)... that's a common dose for Biotin that is very beneficial for many people.

      There are some people who are deficient on Biotin that may lose their hair due to breakage or insufficient nutrients for the hair to be produced... it's rare, but it happens. Those are the people who would notice the biggest and fastest benefit from Biotin, but most people notice some benefits from Biotin for the hair, skin, and/or nails.
      The problem is that it takes time for your body to grow that new hair. What I mean is that the hair that's already grown out is effectively dead cells and the Biotin (as well as Silica and the rest) can only affect the new cells being grown at the roots so it may take a couple months or more to notice the initial growth of the healthy hair.

      Yes, 1 month is too soon to see a significant difference because of how fast hair grows, but by the end of the second or third month, you should be able to see healthier roots, healthier skin, and healthier nails at the base. Supplements that help the hair and nails are some of the toughest things for people to keep on because it takes so long for them to grow out... but the ones that do are typically very happy with them.
      For the sake of argument, if you stopped taking Biotin or similar products, the worst that would happen is that your hair and nails would go back to whatever nutritional deficiencies they have now so they would eventually go back to what they are like now (not overnight, but they would grow at the same rate and such). It's like if you stopped eating, your body wouldn't fall apart... you wouldn't be as healthy, but you wouldn't lose body parts. ;-) Good luck and I hope I helped!

    So I'm taking biotin 5000, should I take this too?
    A Multi day viatim, that already has 30g of biotin.

    • ANSWER:
      Biotin is water soluble B complex vitamin...what you do not use , will leave your body, but ask a pharmacist to be sure.

    Do I need to be a certain age to take Biotin Vitamins for hair?
    I'm 15 years old. A lot of people say that the Biotin 5000 mcg were really good but I'm not sure if I'm old enough.
    Also for anybody that takes them, what does it do to your hair. Is it really good?

    • ANSWER:
      It is advisable to consult the doctor, especially in the case of a biotin deficiency. Biotin serves various purposes, but needs to be consumed in the right doses. Considering your age, I feel you should not start with Biotin 5000 without guidance.

      Hope this helps.

    I've been taking Biotin 5000 mg for several months. I'm taking it to strengthen my nails.?
    What else is it for?

    • ANSWER:
      Biotin is a B vitamin that's needed for the formation of fatty acids and glucose, which are essential for the production of energy. It also helps with the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

      I've been taking it too. Apparently it's good for your hair and skin as well. However, these claims are not necessarily proven by science. But I seem to be having better nails as a result so who knows.

    Can you have a allergic reaction to the biotin supplement?
    I purchased this pill call biotin 5000 mcg and I took it yesterday and today all of a sudden I started getting hives.

    • ANSWER:
      Absolutely, because we each react to things differently so anything is possible, Go to your local doctor and get this situation resolved immediately.

    if i take 2 5000 mcg biotin pills a day, how much will my hair grow in about 2 months?
    its pretty much 7 weeks
    i know its a lot of mcg & it says just to take 1 a day, but why cant i take more?
    i want my hair to grow faster since my hair cutter chopped it all off! ):<

    • ANSWER:
      because your body only takes what it needs and the rest is digested, hair grows half an inch a month regardless of what you do, just keep your hair stick straight and massage your scalp when you shampoo to rid your scalp of oils and let the hair follicles receive blood flow to grow.