Can Hair Grow Back After Menopause

Can We Grow Taller After Puberty

Have you already attained puberty and wondering - can I grow taller after puberty? This question hits the mind of many youngsters who have somehow missed the height growth opportunity during the growth spurt period. It is quite possible that may young people get reminded about the importance of height only after they get rejected for the basketball team or when they are rejected modeling assignments. Can We Grow Taller After Puberty

The good news is that with a little bit of effort you may be able to grow taller after puberty and increase your height by a few inches. The success will depend on several factors like - the intensity of the exercise you perform, the amount of natural growth hormone that your body releases, the curvature in your spine, presence of important nutrients in your food etc.

Before we discuss the tips to increase height, it is important to understand growth spurts. During the adolescent period, which is between the age of 10 to 15 in girls and between 13 and 20 in the case of boys, your body experience maximum growth. Within the growth spurt itself, there are mini spurts during which the growth intensity is very high. Typically boys and girls add between 3 to 4 inches during a 1-year mini spurt period.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Menopause creates hormone imbalances and unwanted hair growth?
    I'm one of those individuals who happens to have alot of dark facial hair due to I think homonal imbalance, I have irregular periods, I get my periods after 14/15 days. To early.
    I am experiencing facial hair growth problem, especially under chin, upper lip and also side locks.
    If I get a permanent method of removal done on my face, like laser hair removal will it grow back if I still have hormonal imbalance? I'm going to check in with a docter to see if I have hormonal imbalance, though I'm sure I do. Can someone please throw some light on me. Thanks (:

    • ANSWER:
      If you have a hormone imbalance, then it would be, it sounds like, PCOS. That is a condition that does not go away, though you can treat it and perhaps ameliorate its conditions by taking metformin and maybe going on birth control pills.

      If you get your hair permanently removed, then no, it won't come back. The reason the hair is growing there is because you have an excess of testosterone. Once the hair is gone, then while the testosterone will still be there, there will be no hair to be stimulated by the testosterone. So in that sense it is a permanent solution. But I've talked to friends who have had hair removed, and the thing is, one treatment will kill a bunch of the hair. But a lot will remain so you'll need a lot of treatments. Each treatment will kill more hair. When it comes back, don't think that it's brand new hair caused by the hormone imbalance. It's just hair that wasn't killed before. But I guess part of the problem is that while you may have some hairs that are longer and darker on your chin, etc. you probably also have a lot of hair that is short and light in color. That hair could convert to darker, longer hair with time. Laser hair removal only kills the dark hairs, so if later hairs are converted by the hormones to darker hairs, then that will require new treatments.

    Hair Loss!! I am only 19 ="(?
    people, I need your help. I can not afford any programs or specialists or doctors.. I don't have that kind of money. I hate going to the doctors.
    I have been noticing that I am losing my hair. It makes me cry every time after I wash my hair. My hair is pretty and naturally smooth. My hair is the one of the things that I like most about myself.
    My dad has thin hair. I took that from him. My mom has thick hair and she is starting to lose it just a little bit cuz she's going thru the menopause stage which is normal.
    With me, its not normal. Its upsetting me cuz I just turned 19.
    There is NOT any bald spots that are noticeable.. it's just when you look at my hair from far, you can tell that I have thin hair.
    Mom says that it is like that because I use a straightener.. but I only use it once every two weeks or sometimes once a week.. the normal..
    What do you think I can do to stop it??
    Any natural solutions?? Anything that you have tried and worked??
    Please tell me. I really need help. :( It's affecting my mood and selfsteem.
    I looked at so many sites.. the causes and the treatments... they're usually just pills or shampoos.. products that you buy from the internet using credit cards. I can't do that. If you know of a product that I can buy from a store like Walmart or any other store, please let me know.
    This is very important to me so please dont kid around or give out info that your not sure of.
    10 points and 5 stars for the bestestest resonable answer!

    Other details that might help you eleminate suggestestions:
    I am usually stressed in my relationships. I am still suffering with the one guy that I love who apparently does not love me back-- but I am working on it-- helping myself let go.
    I am also stressed when it comes to studies. I am a hardworking student. I go to college and I study hard.
    I do NOT work... so stress coming from that.
    Recently my mom was in the hospital but now she's out and better. While she was in the hospital, I didn't really take care of myself and overall health.
    Also my mom is going thru a divorce.. from my dad aboviously. I am doing all the work for her. She depends completely on me while she goes out to work her put off to support me and my brother.
    That is pretty much my life and how it has been for the past year. that might help I hope..?
    Guys, I am trying to help myself. Guide me. I don't want to go bald!! I want my hair to grow back and be back to healthy and kind of thick as I used to have it.

    • ANSWER:

      Just to let you know, I am also 19 and a college student.

      Anyways, I really think you should ask your mom or dad to make an appointment with a doctor. You HAVE to go because of the fact that doctors will know a lot more than your parents or yourself. That is why they are there- to help people. Go to a doctor whom you might think knows the most about hair loss. It's important to go see somebody who knows.

      Good luck though!!!!! I really wish you luck!!! Going to a doctor would be the best thing to do!!!

    Am I going Through menopause?
    Hiya I'm now 37, have had 7 children, last child a C section and tubes cut and tied.
    Have pain on my left ovary and around the area where I was stitched up 8 years ago.
    Have had PID after being scraped clean from a miscarriage I had before last child born.
    The pain in my ovary has worsened. It Hurts being intimate, have had smears and swaps all negative.
    Went to hospital last year, under emergency as I woke up in tremendous pain couldn't move or walk etc.
    Scans were done showed 2 masses like water filled etc no solid ones which indicated infection, more swaps smears all clear. awful fish smell yet tests were all clear.
    The inflammation shown on ovary and cut Tubes, presumed infection.
    Doctor saying no way its not cancer, but they cant see what the problem really is apart from infection/inflammation. doctor says because tubes are cut and tied, the infection wouldnt spread to uterus, yet others doctors say it can.

    Periods really heavy, 2 pads needed each change, for 3 days, going from 28 days apart to 21, last year. before that they came on the same day every time with out fail.
    last year was hot all the time but blood tests showed infection so had to relate to tubes etc.

    Some doctors say that's the problem, that I keep getting PID, because of miscarriage years ago.
    Yet they also say in the same note that They don't know whats wrong because the scans don't show what the problem is it only shows there is a problem.
    I get hot and cold flushes all the time, and my body is hot for others to touch when this is happening.
    I have a smelly discharge, but all tests from that region are great.
    Doctors say some people are just smelly, But I say I have never been smelly until last year.
    have been on and off antibiotics like a yoyo.
    Also have my hair falling out and thinning and where it falls out from it grows back. Still have a head of hair, but when I try to tie it up its feels in my hand very thin compared to my lush hair I once had.
    doctors say oh maybe early menopause. But wont test for it says it a waste of time. Because tests are normally negative with me.
    Doctor said oh I think you have cysts, but that to me doesn't explain the smell.
    I want to give up, I wont of course But I don honestly feel defeated.
    I have been to so many doctors, referred from one to another and they are all hopeless, because they wont find the problem so that i can deal with it.
    advice is this menopause??

    • ANSWER:
      I can't tell you if it's menopause. It sounds like you need to find a good doctor, who doesn't think tests are a waste of time, and doesn't do a bunch of guesswork. Your doctor sounds appalling. There are plenty of tests available for cysts, menopause, you name it. You obviously need more tests, maybe even a hysterectomy. And you need some tender, loving care from a doctor who cares about you. Good luck. Be aggressive. You need your freakin' life back.

    What is wrong with my mom?
    My parents do very well for themselves - and have just build a beautiful second home in the mountains. My parents were recently on vacation visiting family and friends for almost 3 weeks. (They also travel around the world, go skiing every year, spend time in Costa Rica etc - they have a WONDERFUL life) While they were gone their closing date on their new house was pushed back by a week. When they returned my mom has done nothing but complain about every little miniscule thing. (She has been this way for a long time and always has to have something to complain about everyday). She came home and complained about how when she was gone she had no time to herself (so why did she schedule to do things with people everyday she was gone?) and how annoying the people in my dads family are, then it was daily complaining that the house was pushed back a week because they are having a 4th of july party there (then why did you schedule a 4th of july party for 2 week after closing on and moving into a house?), then her brand new top of the line dryer was still drying but not counting down the minutes, and she was so angry that someone couldn't come out for 48 hours, then it was the lady in the lighting store with the bad attitude, and now its me. My mom constantly has to be mad at someone. Whether its me, one of my two sisters or my dad. My dad has pointed this out before, that its always one of us she hates and is angry with for something. My dad now doesn't say anything to her about it because he is always walking on eggshells and my mom takes everything to heart and can't take criticism whatsoever.

    This brings us to today - my mom was in a great mood when I got to her house with my daughter, then she came downstairs and was in the worst mood ever (an hour later) and was complaining about the house not being picked up so the cleaning lady could clean (I don't live there) and she was just being nasty to me. I think this may be because my sister just flew in from FL to visit so now that she is here, my mom has chosen me to hate. I told her to stop being so mean and complaining so much and she said something back and I just told her flat out to stop complaining about everything in her life and start appreciating what she has instead of complaining about it all the time. Because I said this in front of her cleaning lady (who weekly she says she is going to fire because she does an awful job!??) - I was belittling her.

    My mom won't ever apologize to me, even if I'm not in the wrong in order to fix things I have to apologize. My dad says she is going through menopause (at 48?). I want advice - am I in the wrong? Should I apologize for "belittling" her? I can't stand going to their house but I work for my dad's company and he works from home and my mom usually watches my daughter while I work - or at least she says she will and I end up doing it while I work and then my dad gets mad at me for hardly getting anything done - but how can I when I have a ten month old crawling around the office because my mom has another hair appt or coffee date (bc she doesn't work and hasn't in about 15 years). Everytime I am there - I leave in a terrible mood and my anxiety levels are high. My fiance notices a change in my attitude everytime I go there. We go boating as a family and all everyone does is bicker and argue - hence why I haven't gone boating since 2009. It is IMPOSSIBLE to enjoy myself with my own family and it makes me sad. I don't want my daughter to grow up around so much negativity. Is my mom bipolar? Why does she enjoy complaining all the time? It's like she wakes up and looks for something wrong so she can complain all day. She complains about her friends and then spends time with them. I don't get it. My friends see the impact the negativity has on me as well. HELP!

    Thanks in advance for your advice.
    My mom has gotten progressively worse over the years. She gets angry and blows up - I'm talking throwing things at my dad, breaking his glasses in half, psycho stuff. She has seen many doctors and is already on meds for depression and the menopause.
    Let me also add that my mom and I usually have a very good relationship - we are close and I can tell her anything - she is a wonderful grandma, and we are having an issue. I don't not love or appreciate my mom - I just don't know what to do.

    • ANSWER:
      My first thought was that she's probably too busy to actually enjoy it. Also, since she finds traveling around the world a normal vacation little things that most people enjoy such as family get togethers, or holiday's seem like nothing. She can't enjoy the priceless things in life. Which also makes me think maybe she's a snobby stuck up beotch. I definitely thought this when you said she was upset that you didn't pick up the house for the cleaning lady...isn't that the cleaning lady's job?! The way you approached her with your feelings wasn't appropriate, however your feelings towards her are normal. You should have a heart to heart with her, if she's not too busy. Really let her know how her mood affects her, and when she throws out excuses such as menopause tell her that you don't understand why she'd take out anger she got from something you have no control over on you and the family. I know what you mean when you always have to be the one to apologize to make things better, I had the same problem with a family member. We didn't talk for months, and she ended up getting back in touch with me. We were both past the anger we had from being around each other, and through the part where you think "Ohh, this would be much better with _____ here". We're fine now, and the break was worth it. You should either try talking to your mother alone sometime, and if it goes terrible (or if she refuses because she's "too busy") then wait it out. Don't bother talking to her until she realizes how much you mean to her and decides to get a hold of you herself. Hire a babysitter, it will prove a point and will be less stressful. If you can't afford a babysitter definitely find a new job. Just give it time, trust me. Everything will eventually fall into place, and you will know when it's happening. If you're questionable about it...then it's not happening. But it will. It always does.

    I cant stand working with my mom! Advice from anyone in the same situation?
    Ok here it goes, I do no have the strongest relationship with my mom. My parents divorced when I was 12 and my brother was 11, when i was 14 my mother decided that it would be best for us to live with our dad as she wanted to remarry, and we were becoming "too much to deal with". I never truly forgave her for this, not because i had to live with my dad ( thank god! i was in fear of legendary nagging attacks every day when she would come home as the oldest son, she even resorted to calling the cops, because my younger brother had not picked up a to well in the bathroom before he went to school, this resulted in him being taken to a juvenile center for a scare you straight yelling from some worthless state employee, that made less than 1/4 of what dad takes home in a bad year, with my mom sitting there and crying like my lil brother was a gang member abusing her, and stealing cars or something. my little brother got straight a's and was on the wrestling team, he was 13 then! that was the end we were in my dads custody in less than 2 weeks after that. ) and it was great! gone were the nagging for no reason, my dad told us and expected us to get good grades, and act right, we did as we were told, he left us alone other than average parenting stuff "why were you out till then, you cant take the boat out until all your studying is done, etc,
    "and wanted us to have a fun remainder of growing up, as he had went to vietnam at 18, it was wonderful and we lived near water in a nice community. after college i took a usual job at a local insurance concern, also during high school i refused to see my mother for about the entire time minus the 5 weeks i lived with her during hs before we moved away. my brother got a wrestling scholarship and continues not to talk to my mother except for on his birthdays and occasionally when there is a death in her family, I was keeping with this same regiment of limited contact, until she had a cancer scare, followed by hysterectomy, followed by menopause, and seemed to show signs of finally backing off her hair trigger hot button, we have had the what happened when you were kids discussion several times. We developed a small relationship as she was also involved with insurance, having her own agency ( coincidence, and i'm not in sales at my concern ). One day she asked me if i wanted to make some extra cash doing some weekend sales as i had just bought a new to me home that needed a little more work than i had in mind. So I say sure whats one saturday a month? I could make a few hundred extra that i need a month maybe save for a deposit on a newer car as well. Anyhow as you can imagine things are turning sour, selling the product, getting customers, closing deals, no problem, dealing with my mom again, awful. She will call me at all hours of the day now just to talk, and i have a full time job, i cant talk, if i didnt answer her calls she leaves me voice mails that sound all depressed and sad, or blows my phone up with texts record is 23 in one day so far, even worse if she thinks i could have done a better job- meaning BEGGING for more premium from someone she will call them up and schedule another apt canceling my orig sale! her reason for this is very disturbing and creeps me out, she finds a way of relating her need for higher paychecks to how bad her marriage to my dad was, even 10+yrs and another husband later! All this has lead to me being fed up, I have only tried to make some extra cash, and wanted to try to form a relationship working for her but, it seems past issues are easily and " justifiably " interwoven into her day to day current life, and thought process, even though they happened 10+ yrs ago, if i don't call her right back i get the "you're just like your father" routine and lots of yelling. I only want to be at the office for another 2 weeks so i can hit the financial target i was aiming for and then discontinue our relationship. Also this is not odd for her, she has been married 4 times, divorced 3 and she and her current husband fight non-stop and usually ends with him grabbing golf clubs and staying out on the greens and ranges until midnight! She was prescribed lithium in late 2003 and it worked well until she decided that it didn't make her "feel right" so she stopped taking it. So the real question is is this a lost cause, and yes i was guilt tripped into feeling bad that i never talk to her, even worse if we went somewhere to eat she would order for me and if i didn't want it she will say things like "well you used to when you were a baby!" in front of wait staff and customers!! I'm 25!! Is she nuts? should I just walk away now? I may have resolved some of my own questions just by typing here, but has anyone else had something like this happen? How desperate for attention is she? Any advice?

    • ANSWER:
      You got it: She's nuts. Your mother has some serious mental problems, and -- this is the important part -- THEY ARE NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. I'm not yelling at you like your mother...just want to make sure it gets through:


      And from where I sit, it looks like sticking with this job "for the money" is wa-a-ay not worth it. There are so many other, healthier ways to earn some extra cash.

      So, you asked for advice, and here it is:

      1. Dump this job. Like yesterday. Dump it completely. If there is something you have to finish up so as not to inconvenience a customer, do so. But be sure to finish it up, and when it is done, walk away completely. Do not agree to come in "just for the weekend," or "just to cover for me while I..." or any crap like that.

      2. Dump your mother. Like yesterday. Dump her completely. She is a toxic woman. You wouldn't hang around an asbestos room coated with lead paint, would you? Why hang around a toxic woman? This person gave birth to you; she is your mother, but she is not your "mom." There is no "relationship" with a person like this. There is only a great sucking dry of every last drop of emotional strength you have.

      Don't take phone calls from her. Don't let her in your house. Don't visit her. If she is at family functions where you are, acknowledge her politely, then say, "I'm sorry, I can't talk right now," and go find somebody else to talk to. Don't answer emails. Don't "send messages" to her through a third party. As much as possible, don't even talk about her with other people -- just shrug your shoulders and say, "That's not my concern. Isn't this great wine?" (or whatever -- have a preselected subject ready to change to).

      Should any of her crap get through to you--she has no money, she's sick, she has terrible bills to pay, nobody loves her, whatever, ignore it. Repeat the "That's not my concern" line. If you want to look a little nicer doing so, say, "I'm sorry for her, but that's not my concern."

      Your mother's problems are lifelong for her; they did not pop up after you were born, or because you were born. She has always been like this. It's a pity, but there is absolutely nothing you can do to make her life better. Even being there for her to rag on is not making her life better.

      So get yourself out, and stay out. And good luck. This is a tough situation in so many ways. But please save yourself. Your mother cannot be saved.