Hair Oils For African American Hair

The Secret On How To Grow African American Hair
So you have African American hair and your hair doesnt grow much like other people and so you want to know if there are any tips to grow hair out. And make it longer and stronger

The most important part to grow African American hair is to keep it well conditioned. You need a good deep conditioner and leave in conditioner and you can get both in one product called Mira hair oil

next point to grow African American hair is to minimize or stop using heating tools, if you do chose to use them be sure to make sure you use a heat protestant spray first. Again to grow African American hair you must be sure to Always make sure you hair is moisturized. And apply Mira hair oil and hair serum to the end of your hair and cover your African hair with a satin bonnet every night

another way to grow your African hair longer is to make sure your hair and scalp remain clean and moisturize the ends of your hair everyday. Here is a good regimen

Wash every 3 days with Mira herbal Shampoo
Deep Condition by putting Mira hair oil on your hair and wrap your head with a warm and wet towel with a plastic cap on your head
Moisturize each night with a dime amount of Mira hair oil

To grow African American hair is sure to never use flat irons, blow dryers, and etc. They will dry and damage your hair.
A good alternative to using heat tools is to roller wrap your hair and sit under a hooded dryer or you can also air dry your hair.
Never overlap relaxers and keep relaxing to a minimum such as every 8-10 weeks.

Keep your hair off your shoulders. It is always best to wear it in a bun, pinned up or with braids

If you can, be sure to stop using relaxers and texturizers

Stop using commercial hair shampoos and conditioners with harmful ingredient. As they will stunt hair growth and cause damage. Always use Mira hair oil to grow African American hair-it is the best thing you can do, get a free trial by using the link below in the authors box

Frequently Asked Questions

    HERBAL OIL & african american hair growth have you used it? & what were your results if so?
    Herbal oil ( a mix of many natural oils in one) THE PRODUCT is it good? and does it work for african american hair growth?
    have you used it or someone you many know? and did it work for you or for he or she? any extra info. is great!

    • ANSWER:
      Read the ingredients of the product and make sure there are only natural oils in it. My best suggestion is to make sure you're getting all your b vitamins or take a b vitamin supplement, always keep your scalp clean, don't put grease on your scalp because that will be detrimental to the hair growth. Always get your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks if you have a relaxer, and once every 2 months if you're natural. It's also very important that you use all natural hair products, use olive oil or coconut oil, also do protein treatments as needed maybe once a week. If you start doing all that then your hair will grow to be long and beautiful. As far as the herbal oil....idk...because some oils don't really do anything for your hair. When selecting an oil for your hair it's very important to use an oil that's going to penetrate the hair shaft. The only oils I know of that work to get in the hair shaft are olive oil and coconut oil..
      Hope this helps

    What are the best African American hair products for longer hair?
    Hello, all! The picture I have for my avatar is not me, by the way. Anyhoo, I would love to know the best African American hair oils, shampoos, conditioners....

    I wanna grow my hair longer, and it hasn't really been long since the sixth grade. Also, wpuld you mind sharing your hair tips and secrets with me? Thanks! :D

    • ANSWER:
      Any nutritional deficiencies can slow hair growth or stop your hair from growing. Your hair ultimately reflects the overall condition of your body.

      If your body is healthy and well-nourished, your hair will be your shining glory. If you are having any health problems or suffering from any nutritional deficiencies, your hair may stop growing or show damage or become brittle. If your body is in good health, you can maximize your genetic growth cycle through taking the proper blend of amino acids and B-vitamins.

      It is also important to include B-6, biotin, inositol and folic acid in the supplemental program. It has been found that certain minerals including magnesium, sulfur, silica and zinc are also very important toward maintaining healthy hair.

      Beta-carotene is also important to hair growth because beta-carotene is converted to vitamin A as the body needs it, helps maintain normal growth and bone development, protective sheathing around nerve fibers, as well as promoting healthy skin, hair and nails!

    Are these good oils for my African American hair?
    I have Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula, 100% Glycerin, and Sesame Seed Oil. I was thinking of putting all of them together to help norish and moisturize my hair. I have relaxed hair too. Do these things benefit my hair?

    • ANSWER:
      I recommend Pro Naturals Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment with Heat Protector, it helps strengthen the hair that's prone to breakage, splitting or snapping off, gently smooths the hair, reduces Frizz and helps prevent heat damage, plus leaves hair healthy, shiny and resilient. Check it out at or at . Hope it helps.

    What oils and extracts are best for African American hair?
    For example I know that coconut oil does something for your hair that i cannot remember can you list all the oils and extracts and what they do for African American hair?

    • ANSWER:
      Check this website for more info!

      Hope this helps!

    What hair oil is good for african-american hair?
    My hair is relaxed and I was wondering what hair oil is good to use on relaxed african american hair. In my home I have 'Softee Indian Hemp Hair & Scalp Treatment" and my sister has some Dax Coconut Oil that she uses. Are any of these good, and what would you recommend?

    • ANSWER:
      u can also try dr.miracles it works wonders and that tingly sensation feels great, or u could try the carrot oil treatment or hair mayonnaise or african pride products and basic olive oil from the grocery store works really good to......put 1oz in ur regular conditioner and shake it up real good and after u shampoo ur hair put it in like regular conditioner and let it sit for 5Min's and then rinse thoroughly and blow dry ur hair will be looking great!!!!!.

    What are the best essential and carrier oils on African American hair?
    I read about so many oils that benefit our hair. I have fine, thin hair, and it's very (baby) soft, yet kinky. Which oil do you think would really help my hair grow and be healthy? I am all natural by the way and am 18 :)

    I just did an Extra Virgin Olive Oil hot oil treatment last week. I heard very good things about Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Lavender Oil, Rosemary Oil, Almond Seed Oil, Peppermint Oil, Emu Oil, Jojoba Oil, etc

    Here is a site talking about all kinds of oils:

    What oil is most beneficial to you?

    • ANSWER:
      Oil seals in the moisture from your moisturizer/leave-in conditioner so you need to moisturize your hair *before* you put on an oil. Just a warning because I don't think the site states that.
      The best oil for sealing hair is jojoba. I personally haven't tried it but I've done research and it's the closest to the sebum your scalp naturally produces.
      I personally use olive oil and coconut oil because they are cheap. I use them to seal in moisture. I don't think it really matters honestly which oil you choose. It depends on what your hair likes.

      With the castor oil I mix mine with cayenne pepper to use as a growth aid and I grease my scalp with it. It works and makes my hair very thick and long. But, I heard peppermint oil does the same when mixed with a carrier oil.
      Tea tree oil is supposed to have anti-bacterial properties giving your hair the optimal space to grow in.
      You'll just have to test out what your hair likes and doesn't like.

    My scalp has been extremely itchy, does anyone know of a good hair oil for african american hair to cure this?
    I have had an itchy scalp for a couple of weeks now and cannot find out why, normally my scalp isn't itchy. The hair oil that I'm currently using isn't helping, does anyone know of a hair oil that helps with this, for ethnic hair?

    • ANSWER:
      try kera care's dry scalp shampoo. it has peppermint extractsd to help stimulate growth, and soothes the scalp. i also hear than adding jojoba ol to the scalp, or sunflower oil may help with itching.

    Whats a good hair oil for african american hair?
    Does wonder 8 oil work good?If not what oil do you reccomend?
    Im trying to grow my hair.

    • ANSWER:
      I have super long hair down to almost my belly. I use jojoba oil. It smells nice and it nourish your hair and help it grow. Try it. They sell it at rite aid and whole foods.

    What is a good hair oil for african american hair?
    I'm looking for something that doesnt have petroleum or mineral oil in it.

    • ANSWER:
      Organics Root Stimulator has mineral oil in their products as well as other chemicals, so does African Pride. 100% organic products do not contain chemical perservatives, thus they cannot be sold in stores for a long period of time (they will eventually rot). Organics and African Pride CAN be put on shelves because they have chemical perservatives in them that do not benefit African American hair.

      I use Mineral Indulgence Shea and Cocoa Butter Hair Creme as a hair oil, since it is 100% natural and does not contain mineral oil, petroleum, synthetic dyes, or unhealthy fillers.

    What is the best oil for African American hair?
    i have relaxed and colored hair
    i use CHI silk infusion everytime I straighten my hair (with my CHI or Solia Flat iron)

    Yet a few days afterwards I find my hair and scalp are still pretty dry.

    Can I have some recommendations please? Preferably salon brands, since they tend to work better.

    • ANSWER:
      I really like extra virgin coconut oil. It's light weight and very penetrating. They sell it at whole foods and walmart(not sure if it's extra virgin). I also love unrefined Shea butter. It can be melted down into oil or used to make whipped Shea butter(excellent moisturizer).

    What is healthier for African American Hair? Olive Oil or Shea Butter?
    Im looking at two relaxers by Silk Elements
    one of them has olive oil
    and one of them has shea butter
    I have thick, african american hair

    • ANSWER:
      olive oil ,its been used for thousands of years,my daughter uses it

    Why do the majority of African-American hair products have mineral oil or pertroleum in it?
    Do the manufacturers not know these ingredients are not god for our hair? What can i do with a hair oil that i have bought that has petrolatum in it. I can't refund it. Right now I am using it to coat my hair after I moisturizer with a water based moisturizer.Is it wise to put any of this oil on my scalp?

    • ANSWER:
      They put plenty of those ingredients in African American hair products because it coats the hair strand and it DOES help seal split ends and make the hair more manageable... But that's only temporary. It does more harm than good to be honest.

      Also, no products that contain mineral oil or petroleum should be placed on the scalp. BUT if you're talking about the water based moisturizer, then yes... You can SURELY put that on your scalp. It's easily absorbed. But, petroleum and mineral oil aren't absorbed by the scalp at all. All it does is build up and make the hair oily, dirty, and greasy.

    what is the best scalp oil for african american hair?
    I know some people at school who oil their hair every day with products like dax or blue magic and their hair is so greasy. I want a product which is not greasy but helps my hair to grow. I have heard that Jamaican black castor oil is good for the scalp. What do you recommend?
    I do not want an emo hair cut

    • ANSWER:
      This is what i put on my hair. Try Hollywood Beauty tee tree oil. Itspretty cheap compared to other oils and is really good for your hair. Also try Hollywood Beauty castor oil with mink oil. I put a litte bit on my scalp and ends and sometimes all throughout my hair. The trick is if you want long hair is not to make it grow faster but by RETAINING LENGTH. your hair could grow an inchan hour but it wont help if it keeps breaking off. Oil is used as a moisture sealant. So be sure to moisturize your hair first, then put oil on it. and remeber a little oil goes a long way. this is what i use as a moisturizer:
      just take some cheap conditioner, whatever you like. I use Suave coconut conditioner cuz thats what i like. Put it in a spray bottle. Then add equal parts of conditioner and water in the bottle. Put in a tablespoon of olive oil or canola oil( i use both) cuz their cheap. Then add a couple of drops of the HOLLYWOOD BEAUTY tee tree oil (optional) to make it smell good. Shake it all up and spray throughout your hair or plob some in your hand and work through. Hope this helps!:)

    Conditioner/Oil for african american hair?
    I would like to know some names of the oil african americans use that makes the hair look like it has oil and shiny? I do not want cream but clear look. I have really dry hair and conditoner does not work such as VO5/Suave.

    • ANSWER:
      You can try a glosser. Pink oil has one in a bottle (it's a spray)that's not very oily and it's light. But it does moisturize and give you some shine. Also, Sally Beauty Supply has alot of glossers by IC. Hope this helps.

    what oil grow hair for a african american woman?
    what is the best oil to grow african american hair

    • ANSWER:
      olive oil is great for african american hair. also try shea butter, jojoba oil, and coconut oil.

    What is a good regimen for african american natural hair care to grow hair and have healthy hair.. Incld oils.?
    Incld daily hair care and night care and washing and drying .. etc.. everything.. type of combs brushes.. scarves.. night caps.. shampoo conditions.. everything .and my hair is really hard.. and i need a good conditioner or something .

    • ANSWER:
      hair care: I do not relax my hair because it result in damage. I flat iron at most twice a month with a sedu revolution and redken heatglide heat protectant. I take biotin and msm sulfur to help with growth.

      night care: I wear a satin bonnet to sleep at night and use a silk/satin pillowcase. I usually put my hair in big braids at night so its wavy and detangled in the morning.

      washing: I wash my hair with non sulfate shampoo's or i cowash my hair. I also precleanse with diluted apple cider vinegar. to prevent breakage or tangles i was my hair in twists. heres a good video tutorial on washing and conditioning.……

      drying: I pat my hair dry with a tshirt. I airdry my hair. Rubbing your hair with a regular towel can cause breakage.

      combs: I usually finger comb my hair first before proceeding with a wide tooth comb. i only detangle when my hair has conditioner(I use garnier fructis triple nutrition) in it. I start from the ends and work my way up.

      brushes: I dont brush my hair because can cause uneeded tension or breakage

      shampoo: I recommend a sulfate free shampoo unless you use products with silicones. Here are some sulfate free shampoo companies:
      Burt's Bees
      Carol's Daughter
      Aubrey Organics:
      Blended Beauty:
      Kinky Curly:
      Trader Joe's Refresh Shampoo
      Avalon Organics:
      Oyin Handmade:
      Qhemet Biologics:

      condition: for cowashing i use a cheap silicone free conditioner such as v05 kiwi and lime or suave naturals(only the naturals are silicone free).For deepconditioning i use giovanni smooth as silk conditioner(sold at most drugstores but you can get a big bottle at marshalls or tj maxx for value). everything .

      Moisture is really important. I usually spritz my hair with water mixed a little olive oil. Then I seal in the moisture with whipped shea butter, coconut oil or oyin whipped pudding.

      Eating healthy, drinking lots of water, exercising and wearing protective styles such as buns, braids, or twists are a great to retain length and promote healthy hair.

    does amla oil help african american hair grow?
    does amla oil help african american hair long does it take for me to see results..Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      honestly i think having a healthy diet, drinking lots of water, talking a multi vitamin and taking good care of your hair, washing it at least twice a week , deep conditioning it at least once a week and keeping heat off your hair is the best way to achieve long healthy hair.. seriously.. :o )

    Is Lanolin Oil good for African American hair?
    I know Mineral Oil and Petroleum Oil are bad for our hair.
    Is Lanolin Oil bad too?

    • ANSWER:
      Yea, lanolin is another products us sisters tend to stay away from also. Try oils like tea tree oil, coconut, shea, jojoba, aloe vera gels. You can get great advice on Some people also list stuff you can mix up at home, and make a concoction that works best for you. :)

    hair oils for african americans?
    hi i am an african american boy my hair is 1 inch long what is the best hair oil that promotes hair growth and keeps your hair moisturized for african american nappy hair

    • ANSWER:
      Olive, jojoba or coconut oils work well. I've been using Optimum Oil Therapy products for a wihle now and it seems to be the only thing that gives my scalp and hair enough moisture without making it clammy.

    does any one know of a really good hair oil for natural African American hair?

    • ANSWER:
      I really don't trust any thing from store shelves as almost everything you get from the store for AA hair has mineral oil (or some other name for it) which actually doesn't do anything for you besides sit there to clogg your skin and weigh down hair.
      So If you're looking for someting more natural take a look at and Both have good products for both hair and scalp. Inky provides vegan products while My Honey Child provides some products that do have some animal products in them. Long Lovely Locks has some stuff too, but in my opinion, not as good as the products offered on the first two sites.
      Then you can always go the simple route and buy a regular bottle of any natural oil, such as olive oil, apricot, jojoba, grapeseed, almond. Use any of those individually or become your own kitchen chemist (which I have done myself once or twice) and make a concoction that works best for your hair using any of those oils.

    Best Oil and mosturizer for African American Hair?
    One of my New Year's Resolutions is to grow my hair 3-6 inches longer.
    I just got senagalese twist and wanted to know the best oil to go between my braids, and in general what is the best oil and mosturizer for african american hair.
    Also any other tips to help me reach my goal would be appreciated!

    • ANSWER:
      Check this out, it may help you out:

      I typically use Isoplus castor oil or African Royale Hot Six Oil on my scalp. Try to use the Bantu Shea Butter for conditioning or Lustrasilk Olive Oil daily moisturizer...has worked great for the health of my hair!

    Is it okay for me to Str8 dry african american hair with oil?
    I tried heat protectant, but it still dry, so can i flat iron with a littl eoil?

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know what "eoil" is. I use a serum which is oil based and it's a heat protector. If your hair is really dry, you may need to change your shampoo and conditioner. Always use a leave-in conditioner.

    Where can I buy a good coconut brand oil for african american hair?

    • ANSWER:
      buy 100% cocunut oil dont use the hair grease one it is awful. go to a indian grocery store u will find it in a indian community and sk for parachute cocunt oil this works on all hair types cuz my black friend uses this for years and her hair is long. are u can go to a organic natural store. make sure it is 100% cocunut oil. and everynite massage the cocunut oil gently into ur scalp(sleep with plastic cap). wash ur hair once a week. and b4 u wash ur hair do a warm oil massage with cocunut oil u can leave da warm oil in ur hair overnte or 1 hr.
      and shampoo next morning. i advice u too use a herbal shampoo or even a henna shampoo u will see results in a couple of months so be patient

    What are the Best Products for Natural African American Hair?
    I have been natural for over 4 years now but I still have never mastered how to properly care for my hair. I have natural, very tight coils/curls in my hair that tend to be dry and poofy. I normally just wear my hair in a TWA or curl my hair for a nice curly fro. Here's an exampke of my type of hair (not me tho):

    I use l'oreal shampoo and conditioner for dry hair and the TLC Sunsilk deep conditioner. Sometimes i use African Pride hair oil and Protectiv hair creme.

    What products work best to maintain moisture and health in my type of hair? I find that i have no shine in my hair, what can I do to give it luster? Also, what can i use to straighten it occasionally? Are there actually no-chemical, no-damage "perms"? Otherwise, what is the best flat iron for my hair? And what products give bounce and shine?

    BTW, i refuse to use products with petroleum or mineral oil so don't bother in telling me to "grease" my hair.

    • ANSWER:
      Northwest Scents products are specifically formulated for black, African, and highly textured hair. They are moisturizing and gentle, and are free from petrolatum, mineral oil, sulfates, and parabens. For information about these products, and for information about natural straightening techniques for black and African hair visit

    what is the best olive oil treatment for african american hair?
    My hair is very dry and brittle and is shedding a lot. Somewhat damaged.

    • ANSWER:
      Well, my mom always just put war olive oil in our hair. haha If its breaking a lot, then I'd take cod liver oil or biotin. Cod liver oil is the best choice, but it tastes the WORST! I took both and I saw an extreme difference in my hair. no more breaking and it looked/felt much healthier. Don't for get to condition your hair. And by that I mean make sure you leave the conditioner in your hair for a while. Another problem might even be the shampoo(s)/conditioner(s) that you're using... but that's quite doubtful. But keep the biotin and cod liver oil in mind and don't forget; warm olive oil.

    i wanna know if organic root stimulator olive oil oil moisturizing hair lotion good for african american hair.
    because i looked in the ingredients and i saw that it had benzyl alcohol in it so please tell me if it would be good for my hair

    • ANSWER:
      i loved it when i had relaxed hair, but the benzyl alcohol could be drying if its high up on the ingredient list. i use the palmers coconut oil formula for my hair and its soo soft

    Can anyone tell me where to find a good oil moisturizer for my African American hair ?
    My hair is medium length and I am currently using this Optimum oil therapy dry hair healer by Soft Sheen Carson which I buy at my local Walmart. I used to use the oil moisturizer by Pantene Pro-V for Women of Color but my local Walmart doesn't carry it anymore. I live in a small predominantly white town outside of Pittsburgh and the only beauty supply store out here is Sallys. I am a college student, so I would like to find an oil moisturizer that is not to heavy for me to use on my hair. Thank You.

    • ANSWER:
      There is an oil that is lightweight and smells absolutely wonderful! It's called Kemi-oyl and there are several products that accompany just the oil.Maybe you will like it and it will suit your hair,you can find it in any beauty supply store just ask around.

    What products are good for your hair? Im african american and i have lots of thick hair.what oils are good?

    • ANSWER:
      Technically, as far as products go, you'll have to experiment with different products to find something that works best for your hair because everyone's hair won't have the same results.

      My hair needs heavy oils when I seal in my moisture so I switch between grapeseed oil and pure olive oil. Since jojoba oil is very moisturizing and light I add that to my hair products like leave-in conditioners, rinse out conditioners, and deep conditioners for added moisture.

      For moisturizers I switch between using 100% natural butters and consumer products. I use bioInfusion olive oil hydrating creme. It's a Walgreen's brand, although you can't tell from the bottle. It gives my hair moisture and keeps it naturally curly. I also use Nexxus humectant leave-in as a daily moisturizer. This works very well during the summer months. A humectant pulls water from the air and into your hair so it will stay moisturized longer. For example, Glycerin is a humectant and does the same. If you're natural, then don't forget that water is the best moisturizer for your hair. During the summer, sometimes I only need some water and glycerin to keep my hair moisturized.

      Look at this site, they sell lots of natural ingredients that are good for the hair. I bought some mango butter from them and I want to try some of their other stuff like the aloe vera gel. Their ingredients are natural and you'll notice that many of these ingredients are used in lotions, soaps, and hair products because they are natural moisturizers and in their natural state they are very potent. - This is an example of some of the types of natural oils you can use in your hair for hot oil treatements, baggying, and sealing in moisture. Oils aren't really used for moisturizing. - This is an example of the types of natural butters you can use on your hair. The beeswax is used for holding, for example, you'll find beeswax is used in loc'ing products. Citric acid can be used to cleanse the hair. Some of their clays can be used as masks for the hair, such as the Rhassoul Clay.

      These are just examples of the natural ingredients you can use in your hair. Some of the oils can be found in your grocer's cooking isle or at a health foods store. Some of the butters, like shea, can be found at an ethnic boutique/shop, like and African or Jamaican shop.

    What's the best hot oil HAIR treatments for African American black females?
    Something that will keep my hair healthy and that will help it grow faster
    How long have you been using it?

    • ANSWER:
      I love DOO Gro Stimulating Growth hair takes so long for it to grow, but every since i've been using doo gro it's been growing faster and healthier

    For African American hair-----Is it better to apply hair oils when the hair is Wet or Dry?
    Why do you say so?

    • ANSWER:
      Both ok
      keep oil on your hair at all times
      put more on when it's dry

      hope i helped

    does amla oil work for african american hair?
    Can i Use Amla oil in my hair im an african American and im trying to make my hair grow past my do i use the amla oil
    HELP ASAP!!!!!!!!please

    • ANSWER:
      I heard it works wonders! I'm gonna buy some actually. I think you should try it

    Can I put Olive Oil in my hair?? I'm African American...?
    Lol, and no, I'm not making a salad.

    Anyway, I heard that putting extra virgin olive oil in african american hair was good for you......Well, is this true?? Can I put it in my hair right now to give it even more sheen??? Or do you have to put it in your hair when your hair is wet?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes olive oil is a good hair oil. Oils don't provide moisture...they seal in moisture, so it is best to apply oils to damp or wet hair. When your hair dries it will be nice and soft. You will probably find that if you just apply oil to your dry hair it will only sit on top and make it oily.

    how often do you get hot oil treatments for African American hair?
    to make my hair faster because i am getting married next year on june 30

    • ANSWER:
      I'm a black female and you should get hot oil treatments atleast once a week. I get my hair done every week so I put hot oil treatments in every week also. This would be about 4 times a month. If you get your hair done every two weeks then try putting one in before you get your hair done.

    I am African-American with natural hair. What natural oils are good for oiling the scalp and hair?
    I was in a natural food store and I found some pure coconut oil.

    • ANSWER:
      virgin olive oil. twice a week, and then will grow faster, and it will have a natural shine

    Is olive oil good if I want to straighten my natural African American hair?
    I want to straighten my African American hair to get that sleek, pressed look. I will be using a Cortex flat iron. I heard that olive oil is great for washing your hair to make it soft and shiny. Is it true? Do I apply olive oil before shampooing? How long do I leave it in? Do I condition after, or is the olive oil powerful enough?
    Please do not give me links, and I want serious answers. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Nobody is "naturally" african american.

    well i know olive oil is good for african-american hair but....?
    what about normal,dyed hair,olive oil masks are good for that too right? if i do an olive oil mask how long should i keep it in and what will the results be like???

    • ANSWER:
      dont do it

    Is it possible to grow african american hair 8 inches in 2 years?
    That is my long term goal. I need advice from experienced people. My hair is shoulder length now. I've just got a relaxer and my ends trimmed. Usually my hair is very dry. (my mom compares it to straw, sigh...) I've used lots of different shampoos like pantene, doo gro, dove, tresemme and they all seem to dry my hair out more. No oils seem to penetrate my hair and scalp except baby oil. I really need some help. I heard that Mane n tail products work good for dry hair and scalp. Is this true for african american hair? I also discovered this site: which said that braiding hair helps it grow and holds moisture. Who should I believe? Any other suggestions.
    Oh! and I drink tons of water and my diet is well balanced. I don't know what's wrong with me...

    • ANSWER:
      I think i know a product that will help your hair.It is called wild growth hair oil and it makes the hair really soft . I braided my hair for a year along with using the product and it really repaired the damage. You can get more information from

    Is MOROCCAN OIL hair products good for African American hair?

    • ANSWER:
      yes, I recommend a great product that contains Moroccan Oil, it's Pro Naturals Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment with Heat Protector, it helps strengthen the hair that's prone to breakage, splitting or snapping off, gently smoothes the hair, reduces Frizz and helps prevent heat damage, plus leaves hair healthy, shiny and resilient. Check it out at or at . Hope it helps.

    What are some good hair care products for african american hair?
    Such as-
    Hair Oil
    Hair Perms
    Hair Gel/ Spray
    Flat Irons

    • ANSWER:
      oils - olive, jojoba, coconut, sweet almond, avacado, grapeseed, castor
      gel - for permed hair, i loved the Jam (lets jam i think) the pink stuff, it makes the hair really shiny, and gives just enough hold without out it looking all wet and
      sprays - olive oil continuous shine spray by palmers is like a oil sheen, but it doesnt have all the alcohol and butane that can make the hair dry and sticky. use it lighly after you brush your hair
      flat iron - you hair is relaxed, almost any flat iron will do well as long as it isnt too hot and you are wrapping it at night to keep the ends from being frizzy
      perms - well, no perms are good technically lol. but i never bought my own when i did get them, i went to a salon(black salon) and used a professional brand

    Whats the best oil for african american hair?

    • ANSWER:

    How should jojoba oil be used on natural African American hair?
    I just bought some from Trader Joe's and I heard it's good for hair, but I'm not sure how to apply it? I'd prefer advice from those who have natural kinky hair, or someone who REALLY knows kinky hair

    • ANSWER:
      i know i don't really look like it, AT ALL.
      but my dad's black, & i do have really thick & kinky hair, i used to use jojoba oil to smooth down my hair after i straightened it, pretty much all you do is put a dime size in the palm of your hand, & run it through your hair from ends to the top.

    What is the best treatment for damaged broken african american hair?
    My hair is realy damaged dry broken uneven possible split ends too. I need help bad!!!! I neved trated my haur before. Ive been relaxing it since i was 14 and im now 22. I stop relaxing now because i practicly live in wigs because my hair is so bad. Sometimes in afraid to comb it lol. So if someone please tell me what is the best treatnent shampoo conditioner moisturizer and hair/scalp oils out there

    • ANSWER:
      Try Using Alberto VO 5 Hairdressing, Watch These Videos.

    Is it better to use just one line of hair products for African American hair, or can you mix products?
    I recently researched different hair products to make African American hair grow. I found you should use coconut oil, Aubrey Organics GPB, ojon oil, Carol's Daughter hair milk, as well as other natural hair products. I just wanted to know if it is okay to mix and match the different hair products or to just stick with one line.

    • ANSWER:
      it is probably best to use one line at a time so you can see if it truly works and if you like it.

    Which is the best for African American Hair? Optimum or Olive Oil?
    I just used Optimum and it made my hair very SOFT!!! I have short or close to medium hair. Which one can make my hair the healthiest. Thank you for your time.

    • ANSWER:

    where can i find oil sheen for african american hair that smells good?

    • ANSWER:
      There's a line called Moroccan Oil- they have an oil, a cream, and a treatment. they are all very heavy so you don't need to use much, but they are great for adding shine and getting rid of frizz. you can find it at a salon.

    What are some natural oils i can use in my natural african american hair?
    I've been going natural for 10 months and I still have some perm on my ends but I need to know some good oils for the new hair so it will grow in healthy. Im asking because i heard oils make your hair grow faster and healthier, and where to buy them. Thanks ;)
    Thanks everyone I really appretiate the tips!!! And J.B. I know you can do it, you should try it especially since your sister knows how to maintain natural hair. I have to do it alone but its exciting!!

    • ANSWER:
      Oils don't make your hair grow faster. Nothing can make it grow faster than what's deemed by your genes, so you just have to be patient. Average hair growth is 1/2 inch per month, 1 inch every two months, and 6 inches per year.

      Natural oils can be used for many things, including hot oil treatments and sealing in moisture. There are many to choose from, including olive and grapeseed, coconut, jojoba, and avocado. You just have to experiment with different oils to see which ones work best for your hair. Grapeseed and pure olive oil are heavy oils. Extra virgin olive oil tends to be lighter than pure. Jojoba and coconut oils are light oils. I've never tried avocado or any other oil. I mainly use pure olive oil and coconut oil. They can make your hair healthier and stronger, though. I use them every day in my hair and sometimes put them in my hair overnight or baggy with them. They're great for helping your hair retain moisture. Since your hair is thick, coarse and naturally dry then you can leave it in your hair without washing it out, and also use it to seal in moisture.

    Which is better for African American hair? Hair Grease or Hair oil?
    I don't do perms. All natural. So I am wondering which option is better. If you this grease or oil is better, could you tell me the brand you use also.

    Thank you

    • ANSWER:
      Haaii there, uhmm well, one thing I've learned from grease is that it gives you build up and you have to wash your hair more often and it's heavy on your scalp, which will clog the pores. I stopped using it a couple of years ago. So hair oil can do wonders especially because it's not only lighter but it gives your hair a light shine not anything heavy and wet looking :) I use Olive Oil moisturizing spray, it helps alot. You should give that a try and make sure to try other brands to see what really helps your hair :) Also you can definitely find brands that don't have mineral oil or petroleum.....if you know how to read then you can find it lol.

    How do I do a hot oil treatment for African American Hair that is breaking badly ?
    I have African american hair (so it is kind of kinky) and it is breaking BADLY . my mum keeps telling me to do braids on my hair but i really don't want to . how do i do an hot oil treatment for hair breakage using olive oil. and how hot can it be . i am used to hot things so to me it doesn't matter how hot the oil is on my scalp. but is there a limit ? my hair is about just below my neck length . and if you can . can u pls include links to web pages or youtube videos . thxx . and what is the quickest way to heal my broken hair ? some times my hair is cracker - dry if i dont oil it and if u can, can u include ways to get my hair longer ? thxx

    • ANSWER:
      u buy a nice oil like jojoba, or coconut, or, olive oil, something healthy and moisturizing. then u shampoo your hair, after that put a generous amount all over ur damp to wet hair comb through then wrap it up in a plastic bag and leave in from 30min-1hour. (use a blow dryer for best results for 10-25min) then rinse it out then style as desired. hope this helps, i just did one yesterday and my hair is middle back length (im jamacain with relaxed hair) =D bye

    how often can i press my african american hair?
    i have african american hair, but its a little to the softer side, i don't have a problem keeping my hair pressed its trained to be straight until i wash it, but my problem is that my hair makes alooot of oil about after a week which is not a good look for me cause it gets stiff.

    so i want to wash, condition and press my hair every week to keep the oils from building up, but i want to know if it would safe amd what kind of conditioner should i use?

    • ANSWER:
      i am african american too and my hair is pretty soft beacuase my dad is half white and i have his hair i press mines every week after i wash it. the best conditinor to use is cream of nature deigned for african americaan hair you can find it in any store that sells shampoo and stuff or dove witch is easy to find too hope this helps!!

    Question about honey and olive oil hair treatment? 10 pts african american hair.?
    okay i would like to give my hair a treatment with honey and olive oil because it was said that you get great healthy looking results afterwards. I didn't know what would be best: if i should mix both of them with my deep conditioner or just mix the two and use it without my deep conditioner. My dad said i shouldn't mix them with my conditioner because i don't know how they would react and i dont want my hair falling out.

    So the question is, Is it okay to use them with my deep conditioner or better to use the honey and olive oil by themselves?

    I have african american hair that is permed but i am due for a retouch. i can usually go without one if hair is cnditioned good.

    and would it be okay to use this brand of olive oil:Crisco pure olive oil, crisco is the brand name.
    i just read an article that said pure and light olive oil hasbeen chemically processed and to avoid it but use extra virgin olive oil

    • ANSWER:
      Extra virgin olive oil that's cold pressed is always the best but since your using it for your hair Crisco one will be ok.If you mix olive oil and honey and apply it on the hair you'll end up a matted mess.The best thing to do is warm the oil in low heat or for some few seconds in the microwave.Then dissolve the honey in the hot oil.Let it cool down then apply it to hair (make sure it has really cooled down you don't want to burn your scalp).But you can also add it in you deep conditioner i've tried it and i didn't have any side effects.