Msm Hair Growth

Nutrition for Hair Loss
Hair grows only about half of an inch every month in average which is less than the size of a dime. Your hair grows very slow, but it is up to the right nutrition to make hair grow stronger, healthier and longer. Hair is just like a human being, if you feed yourself with the right diet you will be healthier and so will your hair.

There are many supplements available, but only some of them are essential for hair's nutrition. Most of these can be found in many supplement stores sold individually or in combination with other supplements. You can also find them in many foods like vegetables and meats. But the key to a right diet is to have a good balanced nutrition. The most recommended supplements for hair loss are Vitamin E (a-Tocopherol), Biotin, Iron, B Vitamins, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), PABA (Para-Aminobenzoic Acid), Inositol, Choline, Vitamin A, Grape Seed Extract and Green Tea and Saw Palmetto.

Vitamin E (a-Tocopherol)

Vitamin E is a great antioxidant that protects cell membranes from oxidation. Taking 800 IU of vitamin E daily might reverse the process of graying hair, according to a Canadian physician. Vitamin E can be found in asparagus, avocado, egg, milk, spinach and other green leafy vegetables.


Biotin is necessary for cell growth, the production of fatty acids, and the metabolism of fats and amino acids. Biotin is often recommended for strengthening hair and nails. Biotin is also prescribed right alongside medical hair loss treatment such as Propecia (Finasteride) or Rogaine (Minoxidil). Biotin is a major component in the natural hair growth process and it is also good for the overall health of skin and nails. Recommended daily intake (RDI) is up to 3mg. High amount of biotin can be found in egg yolk, liver, and some vegetables.


Iron deficiency can lead to anemia, which causes the reduction of red blood cells that could cause hair loss in humans due to the lack of nutrients. Iron can be found in red meats, broccoli and brewer's yeast.

B Vitamins

The B vitamins are important supplements for cell reproduction and metabolism. There are 30 B vitamins essential for general well being, but only 6 of those are greatly needed for hair growth. B-1 (thiamine), B-2 (Riboflavin), B-3 (Niacin), B-5 (Pantothenic Acid), B-7 (Biotin) and B-9 (Folic Acid) are the main B vitamins to maintain healthy skin, hair and promote cell growth and division, including that of the red blood cells that help prevent anemia, therefore preventing hair loss. B Vitamins can be found on supplements at any vitamin store or on unprocessed foods, particularly concentrated in meat and meat products such as liver, turkey, and tuna. Some other good sources for B vitamins are potatoes, bananas, lentils, chile peppers, tempeh, beans, nutritional yeast, brewer's yeast, and molasses.


MSM is Methylsulfonylmethane, which is a dietary supplement for of sulfur that is found in our living tissues. MSM is required for healthy collagen and keratin which are essential for healthy hair and skin. Studies indicate that MSM produce faster growing and stronger hair and softer skin. MSM is also used to create new healthy cells. MSM carries no side effect and no overdose, making it very safe to consume.

PABA, Inositol and Choline

Para-Aminobenzoic Acid (PABA), Inositol and Choline are members of the B complex family. These three ingredients work in conjunction to improve the quality of hair and growth as well by preventing the hair from turning gray and keeping the natural color. It is recommended to take these three essential ingredients along with the rest of the B complex vitamins. You can find PABA, Inositol and Choline in supplements or in foods such as liver, whole grain, yeast and egg yolks. Lack of these vitamins can cause eczema, a form of skin irritation.

Vitamin A

The A vitamin is essential for healthy skin, thus making hair healthier and stronger. Vitamin A (beta-carotene) acts as an antioxidant and without it can cause dry hair and rough skin. Recommended daily allowance of Vitamin A is 10,000 IU.

Grape Seed and Green Tea extract

Both of these are powerful antioxidants that help protect the skin and hair follicles from free radical damage. Grape Seed contains proanthocyanidins that help stimulate growth in the hair epithelial cells. Both of these ingredients contain polypherols which also help reduce cardiovascular disease and cancer. Polypherols are also found in berries, olive oil, cocoa, coffee, walnuts, peanuts, yerba mate, pomegranates and other fruits and vegetables.

Saw Palmetto Extract

Saw Palmetto has been known to work the same way as Propecia (Finasteride), only in a natural way by blocking the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by inhibiting the 5-alpha reductase enzyme. Saw Palmetto is also very well known as treatment for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) by reducing the DHT count thus reducing the size of the prostate. RDI is from 160mg to 320mg.

Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best brand of MSM for hair growth?
    I am trying to grow out my hair, and I already know there is no miracle product that will make it longer right away. I have heard that MSM does speed up the process though. Does anyone have any experience with MSM? Also what kind is best for hair growth and where can I buy it? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I recommend prenatal pills, without iron! that is very important. No Iron. and Hi 5 energy tea extract. The prenatal pills is just like hair food. The hi 5 energy tea extract is made for energy boost, but it dose activate hair follicles.

      giver yourself a 5 minute scalp massage 3 times a day to stimulate blood flow, and in turn stimulating your hair follicles.

      Wear protective hair styles every day, never let it down until you reach your desired lenght.

      Get hair protein treatments every 6-8 weeks, to build hair strength and stimulate growth.

      Keep your hair well moisturized.

      Also there is a treatment you can do with oils and honey that is supposed to make your hair grow faster. I can't remember the ingredients but you should be able to search it.

      You can also take biotin and vitamin b suppliments

      This is what I do every month, my hair grows 2 inches a month.

      p.s for exteme hair boot camp only comb your hair with a wide tooth comb or your fingers twice a day. Brushes damage hair.

      hair doesn't grow that fast, but in emergency growth situations there are steps you can take to accheive maximum hair lenght.

    What stores sell MSM for Fast hair growth?
    I'm planning on taking MSM so my hair can My hair Can Grow longer and Healthy but I don't know where they sell them at ):
    Does CVS, WallGreens, Walmart sell them?

    • ANSWER:
      I know pharmacies and Walmart sell supplements with MSM in them. They usually have MSM in supplements for joint pain like glucosamine chondroitin with MSM or SAMe supplements. I didn't realize it can help with hair. If you have no luck in finding it you may want to try a health food store or GNC.

    Which brand of MSM is best for hair growth?
    I have been trying to re-grow my hair and I heard that MSM makes your hair grow very quickly. The problem is that there are so many different brands of MSM out there and each works at its own pace or none at all! I don't know which one to use. Can anybody suggest the most efficient one that is wallet-friendly?

    • ANSWER:
      Your hair grows at a set rate NOTHING makes hair grow faster.

    How much MSM should i be taking for hair growth?
    Should i take it in powder form???
    For hair growth should i take it orally???
    Where in the uk can I get it???
    Is it safe to take MSM with biotin???
    What are the negative side effects of MSM???
    How much MSM is safe???
    What is the msm powder recommended dosage for hair growth?

    • ANSWER:
      What is MSM?

      If it's a supplement, take the recommended dosage. Just keep in mind that the hair growth will not be limited to your head.

    African American women, Are you getting good hair growth using MSM powder?
    I just started using a month ago and starting to see a little growth.
    It is a vitamin that should help grow hair and nails, good for skin too.

    • ANSWER:
      No I use Mane 'N Tail hair products and Dr. Miracles and I message my scalp and hair line twice a week and I have new hair growth.

    This is about Biotin& MSM (hair growth)?
    1) i've heard that biotin & msm help your hair grow faster is that true
    2) Might be a really stupid question but will this also make my under arm hair, arm hair, and leg hair grow faster &thicker too then?

    lol, please help (:

    • ANSWER:
      Idk what msm is, but yes biotin does make your hair grow A BIT faster. And also....YUP! Not thicker, but it does make other body hair grow much faster. Keep a razor around, seriously! I take biotin bc my stupid hair takes foreverrrr to grow, but that biotin kicks in everywhere else ;)

    if i take msm for hair growth,will the new growth come in straighter ?
    and do u kno anything about msm ????
    does it make your hair thicker ????

    • ANSWER:
      u can yahoo or google search msm, it is generally safe. I take it and it does make your hair and nails grow very fast, it takes about 2 months to see the difference in hair and about a week to see the difference in your nails.

      the new growth wont be straighter, mine was the same texture as my other hair but my hair is curly anyway. It just made my hair grow longer, not thicker. There is an herb called horestail that makes hair thicker, but be warned itll make every hair thicker, not just the ones on your head.

      also you might break out more for the first couple of weeks with msm, then the pimples subside.

    I am taking MSM for hair growth on head buttttttttttttttt?
    will it make my chest hairs and leg hairs grow faster or thicker

    i just want the hair on my head to be thick, nowhere else
    plz help

    • ANSWER:
      If you respond to the MSM, it will make all hair grow. You cannot tell the vitamin what to do!

    biotin 5000 or msm for hair growth?
    Hi, I'm 20 year old male, and I have naturally thin hair. On top of that, I'm thinning on the top. I heard biotin 5000 and msm are good for skin and hair. Which would you prefer? And also, if they promote healthy skin and hair growth, would they promote body hair as well? because i dont want any more body hair lol..

    • ANSWER:
      hmmm.. ive heard good/bad reviews on the biotin. some swear by it while others classify it as garbage. it really depends on how your body will take it.

    MSM for hair growth? ?
    Ive been reading that MSM helps in hair growth and reduce hair fall. What exactly is MSM? is it a prenatal vitamin? also is it a brand name or a generic name?Thanks!
    alsp where can i buy it in Mumbai? under what brand name if MSM is generic?

    • ANSWER:
      Methyl Sulphanyl Methane. Occurs naturally in plankton and pine bark, and the dosage is about 1 gramme a day. It is non-toxic and highly soluble, so any you don't use passes straight through.

      Protein in hair, skin, mucus and cartilege requires Sulphur as a key component. Without Sulphur, the body cannot produce such proteins. Since the Clean Air Act, there is a deficiency of Sulphur in the diet, and so it is worth a try if you having trouble with this. MSM is a highly assimible form of Sulphur. Pure Sulphur doesn't get absorbed at all, and many other forms of Sulphur just produce Hydrogen Sulphide, a smelly gas, which is well known side-effect of eating beans and brussels sprouts.

      MSM is often used by vets to treat lameness in horses, since it helps produce cartilege in the knee joint. For the same reason old people take MSM along with Glucosamin and Chondroitin.

      In the UK, you can buy it in the chemists. Some are more expensive than others - the cheaper is the pine bark which needs more processing than the MSM gained from plankton. In Australia you can only buy it in powder form.

    Biotin vs MSM for hair growth?
    I took 2500mcg and 5000mcg of Biotin for about four months and wasn't seeing any growth results, but I was noticing healthier hair... and breakouts. I've been taking MSM for about three weeks now and can't say I see results just yet obviously because of the short time span, but I have witnessed the headaches which I read to be a side effect. I heard it's better to take these together but I hate breaking out and if my face breaks out it's not pretty, I would rather have the headaches. Have you seen visible results with either of these? Would I be better off with prenatal vitamins?
    Answer only if you've tried either of these supplements, positive or negative results

    • ANSWER:
      I tried biotin definitely not for me it made me sick to my stomach and i had headaches too even though i ate all day i took 5000 mcg and i rather just have my let my hair grow like normal than be sick

    What is the name of the msm supplement, that will promote hair growth?
    I am 19 years old and i have been experiencing hair problems...its very thin,it sheds alot, and i cnt get it to grow..i heard about hairfinity but i have no credit card at the moment so i have to find something that i can buy in the store....HELP ME PLEASE...

    • ANSWER:

    Dose MSM help with hair growth?
    Should I take it in powder form?
    For hair growth should I take it orally?
    Where in the UK can I get it?
    Is it safe to take MSM with biotin?
    What are the negative side effects of MSM?
    How much MSM is safe?
    What is the MSM powder recommended dosage for hair growth?

    • ANSWER:
      2000 to 6000 mg. per day is the recommended dose.

      I have heard positive things from a few different people, claiming it works. However, who can say without a doubt that it works? There hasn't been any real studies linking MSM to hair growth however.

      It can be taken as a supplement, applied to the scalp or even added in powder form to your existing shampoos and conditioners.

      For increased hair growth 1000 mcg to 4000 mcg daily is recomendedGet more discussion results

    Hi! How do the hair growth supplements (like Hair and Skin w/ MSM & Glucosamine) work?
    do they have any side effects? I am losing hair recently and eager to try these supplements. Can any one give me a clear picture?

    • ANSWER:
      Dont go out and buy anything expensive.
      First: Purchase a mild Shampoo (To Clarify hair, I will explain why)

      Second: TRIM your hair ends (May 1 1/2 to 2 inches)

      Third: Here's the magic part: Mix olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, avocado oil and a "little" honey, (honey u will have to heat so it can blend). Either leave on ALL day or all night (if all nite, DONT use honey)

      Use a teaspoon of every oil and honey,.... a little more if ur hair is long or a little less if ur hair is short

      Repeat this 3-4 times a week, your hair will grow like a weed, fortify, reconstruct, moisturize, soften & remove all frizz I promise,..... and it will be super shiny!!!!

      The clairifying shampoo will help take the oil off your hair when u shower

      You can also use a conditioner but get a light conditioner that wont wiegh ur hair down, becuz u can over condition, I use herbl essences "clean happy" conditioner.

      You can find olive oil anywere, but the other oils you will have to buy at a local organics store, wholes foods or BJ's health corner.


    Biotin and MSM for hair growth?
    which one is better for hair growth im looking to take both which is best and what (MCG or MG) should i take thanks so much

    • ANSWER:
      My dear Ladii Chola.....

      Well...I've checked the links and must say, the one who gave you the info on the oils is the most useful and does improve the structure of your hair. You can get the Sesame oil in large supermarkets -or- chinese food stores. I use it in my kitchen as well as on my hair !

      Another good advice is to get :Gelatin (or eat lots of Jello), which even makes your nails stronger as well.... as for the Biotin...YES, it works as well, but you have to take it over MONTHS to notice a result, honey !

      As for thoseabbreviationss MSM/MCG/MG ...sorry...I do not know, what they're implying, baby ! But with the Biotin,Gelatine and oils you should be "well stacked" to start with, honey ...-smile- Wish you positive results babe !

      Send you all my love & care from Germany...your friend...Annette***

    have you taken MSM for hair growth?
    it says 1000MG not mcg. but the serving says one tablet. its OptiMSM. is that a good dose?

    • ANSWER:
      That sounds like a lot. Try talking to your doctor about this dosage because I've only heard about mcg when dealing with hair growth aids

    Will msm/biotin help hair growth?
    I don't know what to do! I'm African-American with nice, soft hair but I have dreadful split ends. Nonetheless, I have an area in the back of my head that has minimal hair growth (NOT A BALD SPOT). I do get occasional relaxers, but I just really want to stay away from chemicals and go a little natural. I read all the miracle stories about msm and/or biotion contributing to hair growth, so I got both from walmart. I know it requires patience, but I'm willing to try. First, should I cut my splits to see progress or just let the vitamins just take its gradual toll without cutting them? Second, whats the best daily dosage (because I get bad headaches if i take too much)?

    • ANSWER:

    What're your results from using MSM for hair growth?
    Does it really work? Do you have to take it with biotin in order for it to really work (i've used biotin and it causes breakouts) How long does it take to see visible results? What dosage should I be taking? My hair has been the same length for almost a year now and I'm to the point where I've tried and researched everything and nothing is working! I've been taking 500mg of MSM for about three weeks along with washing my hair with Nioxin 3 scalp treatment shampoo. I've never worked this hard on anything... it's kindof pathetic, please HELP!

    • ANSWER:
      you know what you need to is get olive oil and take about 2-3 tbsp of it depends how much hair you. and heat it for 30 to 40 seconds or until it is warm and massage that in your hair and do that every weekend you will see result but you have to be patient about seeing the result because it will take almost month. My older sister lost almost all of hair because she was really really sick so she tired that for almost a year and it worked on her and now she has really beautiful, thick, black and long hair.
      Don't use pill or other stuff to grow hair that's going to ruin everything for you, because if you use too many things for your hair, your roots will get damage and there will be less chance for your hair to grow, so just stop what you are doing, and use olive oil. I promise you will see result.
      Olive oil is the best solution for middle eastern women, and it been used for thousands of years. and it is still used. God Luck I hope that you do see result by end of the Month.

    Is it the MSM causing my hair to grow in straight?
    Okay so now I am wearing my hair natural, I've been taking a MSM pill for hair growth and for my TMJ.(jaw issues and MSM helps with joints) At first I thought my hair was not growing. because I did not feel any waves..but then I thought after a while no growth for 3 weeks???? What do you think?

    • ANSWER:
      Medication has different affects on each person who takes it. As a African American, I know within 3 weeks you will start feeling/seeing the waves (LOL)! It is very likely that the pills you are taking has changed the texture of your hair. My mother was on medication for her joints and the texture of her hair changed.

    MSM for faster hair growth?
    Has anyone else reading this heard about the claims that MSM supplements make your hair grow faster? I know that sulfur is a "beauty mineral" and MSM is a form of sulfur. I'm really wary of taking vitamin pills instead of food sources for my nutritional needs. What are some good foods that contain a lot of sulfur and other minerals to make my hair grow fast and healthy?

    • ANSWER:
      MSM just makes the growth period longer so i suppose it would result in faster hair growth

    MSM and Biotin for hair growth?
    I heard to grow hair fast to take MSM and Biotin is that true? does it make your hair grow faster??

    • ANSWER:
      ya actually they do , i was using biotin for long time it made my hair stronger and growing 100 times more than its normal growth

    Can I take msm & vitamin b-complex together for hair growth?

    • ANSWER:
      hmmm, probably

      vit b-complex (BIOTIN) makes me & alot of other people break out though, so be careful.

    plz answer.biotin or msm???which one is best for hair growth?
    Plz answer.biotin or msm????which one grows hair faster?
    im trying to make my hair grow faster within the next 2 months. which vitamin would be better. biotin or msm for joint health??? and dont tell me to mix them together..

    • ANSWER:
      well i've been taking biotin for two months and so far i've grown TWO AND A HALF INCHES. no joke. and they grow your nails like crazy lol. but i take biotin1000 mcg. i take them twice a day. 1 in the morning and 1 at night.

      also daily hair massages would help in your hair growth.

      but if you're gonna take biotin or msm be sure to drink LOTS of water. to some people it breaks their skin out,but if you drink lots of water,you should have no promblem with them.

      hope i helped =^)

    why is msm making my hair straighter ?
    im taking msm for hair growth and its makeing my hair straighter
    how do i get my naturral waves back ???
    BabiGurl- thanks for the tip but im already taking Biotin too
    and the msm is really helping my hair grow alot so i dont wanna to stop taking it

    • ANSWER:
      stop taking it -

    Has anyone tried MSM and if so does it improve hair growth.?

    • ANSWER:
      I tried it and it didn't work for me.

      But here are somethings I did to grow my hair out (my hair has grown 11 inches since I started this regime)

      1. Diet -- eat more fruits and vegetables. It sounds SOOO cliche, but it actually does help. [added might shed a few pounds, and have more clear skin when doing this]. Don't go overboard on the fruits, though, they're packed with sugar. Be moderate.

      2. Cut back on heat -- blowdrying, flat ironing, etc. can damage your hair and stunt its growth. When you absolutely HAVE to use a good protectant (like Biosilk; or if you're on a budget, moisture max, Oilsheen the spray is also great to use; not to mention they all make your hair silky smooth).

      3. Wash your hair daily. (or at least every other day). Washing it removes a lot of the built of oils on the scalp and also the actual movement of massaging your scalp while washing it stimulates growth. Don't be too rough, but give your scalp a good massage.

      4. Carrot oil -- (avail. at beauty supply stores, and drugstores everywhere) put this on your scalp once a week or so, just for a day. It has some great essential oils that help promote growth.

      5. Save your money -- don't fall for all the products that claim they help your hair grow. It's a trap and waste of money (not that they're ALL croaks). Find what works for YOU. Just take care of your hair. The hair that grows the fastest is HEALTHY hair.

      Good luck!!!!!!!

    Is there any point of taking hair growth vitamins if I'm under stress?
    You know, like the whole biotin, silica, MSM, etc with multi vitamin.
    If I'm under stress, since stress stops hair growth, is there any point of taking these vitamins.?
    I'm also taking Dong Quai vitamins along with it, which I heard was a stress blocker.
    But I don't know if that's enough - I've been REALLY stressed lately.

    • ANSWER:
      i'm thinking that would be along the lines of
      sumthin like reading the bible in hell or
      using cocaine in a rehab center :)

      no offense whatsoever

    Chasteberry, wild yam and saw palmetto for hair growth?
    I am currently taking: MSM, Vitamin C, biotin, a multivitamin for hair growth. I have read that chasteberry, wild yam and saw palmetto pills are also very good for increasing hair growth. I have searched the web for the pros/cons of each. I am now looking for personal experiences with the the pills. If you tried something better, I would also like to know that too.


    • ANSWER:
      What you are taking will only aid in keeping the hair healthy, it won't help it grow. Neither will the other pills. But keep up the healthy vitaman choices and you will have beautiful hair!

    which of the following causes hair growth to speed up?
    Fish Oil

    Put the above in order and omit any that you know does NOT cause hair growth.

    • ANSWER:
      None of them force hair to grow faster. However, Biotin is good for the health of the hair (as well as skin and nails) and some people notice that their hair grows faster while taking it (although it's normally just healthier... depends on the person) as does Silica. Fish Oil is good for the health of the skin, but not so much for the hair. Glucosamine and Chondroitin are both good for joint health, but have no significant impact on the hair at all. MSM helps nourish the connective tissues including joints and skin, but it might have a little impact on the hair because of the natural Sulfur content. I hope that helps!

    Does Biotin and MSM make your hair grow longer?PLEASE help me out here?
    HEY every one i want to grow my hair back to it original length my hair is a little bit past my shoulder length and it was down to my ribs area i want to know does Biotin and MSM make your hair grow longer if you tried it does it work for you oh and does amino acids work too please i miss my longer days

    • ANSWER:
      take prenatal vitamins. or if you feel uncomfortable taking them, in the prenatal vitamin section, look for the brand "one source" there should be a bottle for hair and nails only....there ya go. yes they work.

    Chlorella vs. MSM, which one is better for hair?
    My wife read that both Chlorella and MSM (on top of the overall great health benefits) are really good for hair. She is looking for very fast hair growth and looser curl pattern. She said both claim to do this but she does not want to take both. Anyone taking one or both? What are your results? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      I've taken both but not at the same time.
      MSM messed up my period and can cause an enlargement of the breast, I didn't want this so I stopped.
      I'm currently using Chlorella, been on it for 1 week. Don't know about hair growth yet but my nails are stronger and my eye lashes are longer which didn't occur with MSM. I take the powder form not capsules. But I warn you the taste isn't for the kind hearted.

    Will this brand of vitamins help with my hair?
    I've read that MSM works for hair growth, but I'm having trouble finding readily available MSM vitamins. This is one of the few I've found, and though it isn't marketed for hair, it does include MSM. Do you think it will help?

    -thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Pretty much any multivitamin is good for your hair (& nails). I think prenatal vitamins work a little better than the regular vitamin, but any multivitamin will do.

    Products that can help you grow your hair faster?
    I have in mind:
    Shapely's MTG Original for horses
    Wild Growth Hair Oil
    Spring Valley MSM tablets
    Spring Valley Biotin tablets
    Hairfinity Vitamins

    If you have experience with these products please can you tell me how they worked and how fast and if you have recommendations for faster hair growth than please tell me. Please don't tell me faster hair growth is impossible. And I know to eat healthy and exercise, which I do.


    • ANSWER:
      I hear mane and tail help your hair grow and if you massage your scalp for 5 minutes a day . and also coconut oil and mashed up avocado works well too.

    Help on african american hair growth?
    im african american, ( teenager ) and i want my hair to grow long, any help?
    I heard about hair infinity but my mom doesnt want me to take it ( im asking my dad instead )
    and i also heard about MSM and Biotin pills, should i try those? and where do i get them from? I also need tips on breakage adn shedding, whenever i have my shirt on you can see hairs all over it.

    • ANSWER:
      I am an afr. amr.teenager too. I take hair skin and nail vitamins thats basically what hairfinity is but it has MSM. I took hairfinity for 2 months and it is very expensive so I decided to make knock off Hairfinity. I take hair skin and nail vitamins and add the MSM to it, same thing lol. Hair skin and nail vitamins have all the essential vitamins for hair. I take 3,000 mg of MSM, Hairfinity has 1500 mg. You cannot overdose on MSM. They recommend you take 1,000 to 8,000 mg. My hair is growing. Do know that MSM changes hair texture. It makes it better. Now my hair is growing. Ive decided to keep the heat out of it. I dont get perms. Nothing. You want to try and keep it up. Try not to comb it alot. No rubber bands only scrunchies. Moisturize daily. I use coconut oil and pure Jamaican black Castor oil. Wash every week and a half. You can buy those vitamins from CVS, Rite Aid, WalMart etc! For breakage and shedding I take odorless garlic. I take one a day. It stops breakage and shedding. Also be gentle with your hair. And get your trims every 2-3 months. You are black do not get your hair trimmed more than your hair grows. They claim out hair grows 1/2 in a month, whatever. Anyways hope I helped :)

    I never heard of it but they said it aide in hair growth?
    They have a youtube that said hairfinity vitamin helps a lot, but other woman metion it too expensive . So a woman said to try MSM powder it might helps. Does it really help?

    I reasearch and it said it help some ppl but it is same to fish oil I already owe. I want know which oine is the best MSM powder, biotin, fish oil, flax seed, hairfinity vitamin, etc?

    • ANSWER:
      Any daily vitamin, along with Biotin (beware of pimples), CASTOR OIL, and a good hair regimen with lots of moisture will help aide in hair growth. And remember to massage your scalp to get the blood flowing!! Good luck!

    Which Vitamins Work The Best For Hair Growth?
    1.Biotin (once a day)
    2.Hair, Skin & Nails Vitamins (3 times a day)
    3.Women's One A Day
    5.Fish Oil

    • ANSWER:
      None, if you're eating a healthy, well-balanced diet.

      Hair growth is only partially about nutrition. It's far more about how you treat your hair. Damage to the hair is the enemy and must be trimmed off at regular intervals even though you're trying to grow the hair longer, because a split end often climbs the hair shaft and damages it more than if it had been cut off.

      Use as little shampoo as you can get away with. Don't use heat to style. Don't bleach or color. Use a conditioner that promises strength or moisture. Get a trim every 3 months, and make sure the stylist knows you're growing it out.

    does anyone know a good hair and skin vitamin?
    i have thin,brittle and dull long hair.i was looking for a vitamin that would help it grow healthy and shinny but without increasing hair growth all over the body.i don't suffer from hair loss but i just want my hair to look healthy esp that i know i don't eat well.i was searching on the web and i found a product called shen men,has anyone tried it?also Natrol Skin-Hair-Nails with MSM, Capsules?healthy glo? hair formula37?hope u'd help,thanx.

    • ANSWER:
      Try home remedies at

    Good vitamins to promote hair growth?
    For awhile I was taking MSM and Biotin. I noticed some improvement, but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of a vitamin to take in addition to or instead of these? I have a fairly healthy diet, I exercise, I massage my scalp, and I don't use brushes. Any suggestions would be great!

    • ANSWER:
      Hey...Yes. That is exactly what I did. i took a hair skin and nails vitamin (prenatal are pretty much the same things) plus additional Biotin. I also always took a Vitamin C tablet. Vitamin E is good for hair too but I havent tried it yet. You can take the gel pills and put it on hair. Vitamin E is a preserver

      You are doing everything right. All vitamins do for hair is make it thicker and stronger. Nothing affects the rate your hair grows..

    Hair growth help please?
    a few months ago I cut my hair which was a big mistake and im trying everything to make it grow
    -mane n tail shampoo and conditioner
    -biotin,msm,niatin,iron,folic acid, and brewers yeast supplements
    -wild growth hair oil
    -scalp massages

    and still nothing ... i know it sounds silly but its getting me down because i really want long hair;i feel like longer hair would make me happier and complete my appearance

    • ANSWER:

      The products you have should promote hair growth. You just have to be a little patient. I realize that when your results don't come you may stress a little which isn't good for the health of your hair. Also, even though you have these great products, you need to try not to manipulate your hair. Try putting your hair in a bun or ponytail if its is long enough. That means less heat. A clean scalp will also help with hair growth because it allows for the oil to penetrate. You should look into essential oils and carrier oils that promote hair growth. Such as peppermint oil, pure coconut oil, pure castor oil and other oils similar to those. They stimulate the scalp thereby increasing hair growth.

      I really hope that helps, but a health diet and less heat will help your hair grow

    Hair growth vitamins!!!!?
    I want to get a hair growth vitamins my question is what do u think msm or biotin and y thank u!!!

    • ANSWER:

    I am trying new hair growth vitamins BUT...?
    I am having a very hard time finding MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) It is suppose to help thicken hair and help it into a "growing phase" BUT I need help finding it. I have looked on Walgreens' and Walmart's websites but haven't had any luck. PLEASE HELP! *10pts*

    • ANSWER:

    Anyone has taken biotin (vitamin B7) supplements for hair and nail growth and strength?? pls help me?
    i have tried everything to make my hair healthier, it is quite alright just that i would love it to grow stronger, have more volume and not fall out every time i style it. i believe anything applied from the outside cannot have as a big impact as supplements absorbed from within the body. i was told that biotin and MSM help your hair grow very fast and strong but they may have some side effects taken in high amounts as to induce such growth. I was wondering if they're worth taking and what results you've had with them in case you've tried. thanks xox

    • ANSWER:
      There are several treatment options that may help to stimulate and encourage hair growth. If hair loss occurs as a result of an underlying condition or disease, then the condition needs to be treated first. The various types of hair loss are treated with specific medication which includes antibiotics, corticosteroids, or steroid injections. For more serious episodes of hair loss, surgical procedures such as hair transplants, scalp reduction or skin grafts may be performed to replace hair loss.

      Natural and holistic therapy offers a gentler alternative for people experiencing hair loss than the harsh effects of conventional medication. Treatments such as herbal and homeopathic remedies stimulate and encourage hair growth as well as support blood circulation, hormonal balance and thyroid functioning.

      Herbal remedies along with good nutritional diet (supplements in case of severe deficiency or if directed by your doctor) help hair grow stronger and more plentifully by nourishing it at the roots. They achieve this by stimulating blood flow and supplying nutrients to the hair follicles and hence promoting healthy hair growth and slowing down excessive hair loss. Although the process begins within a few days, as the hair grow slowly, the results are visible only after a few months.

      Herbs commonly used include Ginkgo biloba, Rosmarinus officinale and Xanthoxylum clavaherculis help to promote strong, abundant hair. Other powerful herbs such as Equisetum arvense, Avena sativa and Echinacea are effective combating hair loss and nourishing hair follicles.

    Things floating around in my Gro-Aut Hair Growth Oil bottle?
    I recently bought a bottle of Gro-Aut hair Growth Oil online and this stuff is basically meant to grow your hair SUPER fast. I have used it twice (without opening the bottle since it has an applicator) so far and the oil has a yellowish brown color (it's natural color). Lately, I've noticed that there is a blackish color at the bottom of the bottle that wasn't there when I first got it. I've only had it for close to a week and I also see a small white thing floating around in there. I have no idea how that could have gotten there since I never take the applicator cap off. I always twist the applicator cap and it opens up so that I can carefully dot the oil where ever I want it. Could this possibly be mold? I'll list the ingredients: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Eclipta alba, Embelica officinalis, Rosemary oil, Biotin, Msm, and Lavender Oil. Has anyone who purchased this product had this problem? Does mold grow in oil? Do you think this is still safe to use?

    • ANSWER:
      dont put that stuff in your hair darling :O

    hair growth pills?
    i have these hair pills i just started to take today(2-13-08)
    they are from GNC
    on the box it says Ultra NurshHair under that it says
    under that is says
    nutritional support
    with biotin, silica, and MSM

    does it help your hair grow and if it does how long it might take maybe kick in or make my hair grow

    • ANSWER:
      Okay I'll say this from years of experience dating back to 2000-2001, and from personal research, growth and trial and error.

      Those pills most likely will not add any significant cosmetic results, are NOT FDA approved (as many supplements arent) and have not had any positive results from major hair growth websites such as

      I'm a male who had a receeding hairline for a long time now and I'll say this,

      while those pills may not hurt, and may give you some added nutrients and benefits,

      it's not going to do MUCH more than a multivitamin.

      Biotin, silica, and MSM aren't really hair growth ingredients anyways.

      Your best bet would be to try something FDA approved, or look into something proven to work such as a hair translpant (if affordable).

      only trouble is, many of the things on the market are towards men. But you can defintiely look into the products available for women.

      Good luck!

    reynards disease and hair growth?
    I am growing out my hair but its taking ages. I have Raynards disease so y circulation is poor. I take MSM but nothing is happening. Is this because of my disease?

    • ANSWER:
      my mother and my sister had Reynauds, my mother never had hair on her legs, it just never grew, I didnt realise this could be the Reynauds, but if youve got problems with head hair, perhaps it is connected. who knows.?

    hair growth?!?!?! what helps? please be detailed!?
    Hello I am trying to make my hair grow faster and strong. The pills that im going to take Folic Acid Hair Skin Nails Biotin and MSM i wanted to know if taking all these pills was safe. Im going going to be taking one a day. Will this really make my hair grow. Also i wanted to put in my hair Castor Oil. Will that help it grow? Btw i was thinking about washing my hair with herbal essences hydralicious shampoo and conditions what do you think about those products? Please be detailed... THANKS :)

    • ANSWER:

    Where to buy msm ( methyl sulfonyl methane ) health supplement / medicine in Delhi?
    Please tell me a brand of msm available in Delhi and also tell me where to buy it. The medication should contain only msm and nothing like glucosamine etc. I need it for hair growth.

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know but you could depend on natural sources of sulphur because methyl sulfonyl methane is just an organic form of sulphur at the end of the day.

      Bell peppers, cucumbers and eggs are all good sources of sulphur, as is the natural mineral epsoms salts. For good hair growth, also make sure you get enough B vitamins.....blackstrap molasses, brewers yeast, natural live yogurt [by way of the lactic organisms] and wholegrains are good natural sources. Pumpkin seeds will be good as sources of the minerals copper and zinc required for good hair growth.

      If you are malnourished or have any underlying disease state this can impact on your hair growth. Get a check up. If it is male pattern baldness....try pumpkin seed oil diluted in a little jojoba oil or olive oil massaged into the area of scalp affected.

      Good luck.

    Is it okay to take Appetite Suppressants, Prenatal Vitamins (I'am not pregant!) BOTIN, & MSM pills altogether?
    I have been taking Prenatal vitamins for hair growth, Botin, and Msm pills for hair growth, but I want to start taking an appetite suppressant for weight loss would it be safe to take all of these pills altogether? I'am not pregant I just take prenatal vitamins for hair growth I would greatly appreciate it if someone could answer this question for me thank you!
    btw it is a natural appetite suppressant does that make it better??

    • ANSWER:

    Long hair growth/vitamins?
    Please do help I want like 4 inches by the end of july or so :)
    any really good vitamins that will help ,msm,etc But i need it to work really fast so please do help preferbly from vitamin shoppe,walgreens,rite aid,walmart ,gnc :) for hair skin and nails :) please do help thanks

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know if it's humanly possible to do that... lol. But vitamins do help! Get a multivitamin from GNC, they have good ones. Also, prenatal vitamins are supposed to be good for that as well...

      But if you want a quicker fix, get some extensions! Expensive, but they seem to be worth it.


      DO NOT LISTEN TO HANNAH. Brushing DAMAGES your hair! Actually, you are supposed to only brush to style it, then STOP. Brushing pulls on hair, breaks it, and sometimes ends up pulling it from the ROOTS. Not a good idea to brush 100 times INTENTIONALLY!

    In what food can i find msm ?
    i know msm is good for hair growth so i want to try it but i dont know where i can find it ? in food, pills......ect.
    - THANKS -

    • ANSWER:

    hair growth, how to make it fasterrr?
    so i recently got this bad hair cut and by bad, i mean pretttyyyy badd. but i've gotten to the point where i can deal with it one way or another.i would like to make the growing process go a bit faster tho.i know its not guna be instant but i'd like at least,i was goin to go out and buy some biotin,msm,and mane 'n tail.i've heard many times these work. have you tried these and how did they work and is there anything else that might work better?tell me everything.please and thank you :) .
    i just want to know products that have worked for you, no tips or anything. im 13 if that helps.

    • ANSWER:
      1. Eat a healthy diet. Minimize fat and sugar intake and increase protein.
      2. Get plenty of rest.
      3. Cut back on smoking, caffeine and sodas.
      4. Exercise frequently.

      Additional tips:

      1. Take supplements known to boost hair growth: Vitamins B, C, E, Beta Carotene, Magnesium.
      2. Avoid heat styling.
      3. Try hot oil treatments on your scalp.